420 Chapter 420: Hitting Someone With The Feather Duster

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After she said that, everyone got into an uproar.

Sounds of the commotion resounded throughout the entire fourth floor.

"Damn, Second Young Mistress Huo's got quite a unique personality!" 

"She actually had the nerve to say that. Look how petite she is, is she tired of living?"

"Brothers, I'll be the first, don't vie with me." 

Soon, more than ten of them walked over and lined up. 

"Everyone, don't panic, if I defeat all of you, the valuables that you've put on the light tonight will belong to me," Yan Jinyi said with a pause in between.

"No problem!"

"You have to keep your word, don't regret it!"

In the eyes of this group of wealthy heirs, Yan Jinyi was purely putting her own life in danger. 

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"I never go back on my word."

At the table by the window.

"Sir, this woman can't compare to Missy at all, what's wrong with Mr. Huo's taste in women?" 

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