15 Chapter 15: Made A Cuckold By His Brother

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Once again, there was an uproar on the Internet.

"Damn it, I've seen savages but none of them were as unruly as Yan Jinyi. She openly slapped someone at the press conference. Where's the police?"

"Just saying, when she slapped Cheng Ruoxue, I found her really cool and roguish."

"Damn! She's really wild and mad. Poor Cheng Ruoxue."

"B*tch, how dare she slap Ruoxue!"

"Am I the only one who noticed that she said that Third Young Master Huo is the one who put her up to this? Everyone knows that Cheng Ruoxue and Third Young Master Huo are in an ambiguous relationship, but now, it seems like it's someone else he's in an ambiguous relationship with!"


In America.

A man was leaning languidly against a large and luxurious sofa. 

The room was dim and the perfect contours of his face could be seen vaguely. 

He was holding a lit, flickering cigar between his thin and long fingers. 

"Mr. Huo, the latest news in our nation is that Third Young Master seems to have a new girlfriend again." 

Without even battling his eyelid, Huo Xishen said in an indifferent and enchanting tone, "You don't have to report such trivial matters to me in the future."

"Yes, Mr. Huo. One more thing..." 

Huo Xishen furrowed his thick eyebrows a little and glared at his assistant who couldn't help but shiver.

When Huo Xishen switched on the lights, the assistant finally handed the electronic tablet over to him carefully. "Mr. Huo, I think you'd want to see this."

After receiving the tablet, he saw a video that was playing on a loop.

In the video, a gorgeous woman was slapping another woman.

'Why does the woman in a black dress seem a little familiar?'

Huo Xishen tried to recall from his memories, but he could not remember any information about her at all. 

"What do you mean?"

"Mr. Huo, that... that woman who slapped the other woman is... your wife..." His assistant swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Huo Xishen had interacted with Yan Jinyi before and he remembered her as a gentle, vulnerable, timid and boring woman. 

However, the person in the video... was his wife. 

Huo Xishen's frown became deeper, and he felt that there seemed to be such a person. 

Her name was Yan Jinyi. 

He suddenly remembered that Huo Zihang had called him a day ago to tell him that Yan Jinyi had gone mad. 

He casually tossed the tablet aside and said, "Got it." 

The assistant hesitated for a while again before saying, "But Mr. Huo, the woman who's rumored to be Third Young Master's new girlfriend is... Madam..."


Upon hearing those words, Huo Xishen finally had a reaction. 'Did my brother and my wife make a cuckold out of me?'


As soon as Yan Jinyi reached home, she saw Huo Zihang who was standing at the door with a furious expression, wishing he could rip her into bits. 

"Brother, have you become sensible enough to know to receive your sister-in-law at the door?" 

Huo Zihang gritted his teeth and glowered at her. "You're thinking too much."

"Am I?"

After glancing at Huo Zihang, she walked past him and entered the house. The maid who was cleaning the sofa saw Yan Jinyi walking over and immediately scurried to the kitchen in fear.

She had witnessed how Yan Jinyi beat up the Third young master and the woman who tried to scam them. Today, she even heard the news of Yan Jinyi slapping an actress in front of the media.

She did not want to be hit by the angsty and hot-tempered Yan Jinyi. 

Seeing this, Yan Jinyi touched her nose and said, "Huo Zihang, get your ass here now."

Huo Zihang was enraged after hearing her words. His eyesight was sharp and he saw Yan Jinyi picking up the feather duster on the coffee table.

His heart trembled and he immediately dashed towards her. "What's the matter?"

"Are you afraid of me?"

She picked up the feather duster with one hand and knocked it against the sofa at the side while questioning him. 

Although she wasn't using much force, Huo Zihang was nonetheless terrified and he felt his scalp turn numb. 

The power of the feather duster was truly incredible. Even till now, he still felt an excruciating pain on his back! 

"What-what do you want? Hurry and speak. I'm very busy and I don't have the time to talk nonsense with you."

"Help me set up a Weibo account." 

Huo Zihang rolled his eyes. 

'That's all?'

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