Mad son of a Mad Developer (SAO Fanfic)
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Mad son of a Mad Developer (SAO Fanfic)


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What is Mad son of a Mad Developer (SAO Fanfic)

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In this story Kayaba Akihiko is 30 at the beginning of the SAO story. He also has a mad son who is seven. Oh yeah and that son is the main character of that story. Oh yeah and that son is crazy enough to have named the voices in his head 'The Comment Section'. Updates: Le random. All is owned by the owners who are not me.

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It's good because its good, but in a way its also good. Now that I think of it its good, but kinda good, not good, but not "good". So its not GOOD, and its not "good" its just good.


Well is he a reincarnated person? is there a harem tag? Or not? Whenever you want aslong as the story is good i will read it and i know there will ve no daily update but pls dont make us wait for update


Interesting, to write from the other side of the story and that the main character is the son of the crazy SAO developer (i mean the game not the anime). I am waiting for the book to be able to read it. If anything is wrong what I wrote that is because english is not my first language.


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