1 Unfit

Few Years Before…

Her breath became harsh as she closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself away from this prison, her parents call the school. She can still smell the rotten eggs that were being thrown at her by a crowd of stupid kids.

Those stupid kids were like some puppet to the popular, privileged kids in school who hated her gut because she was small and she wore trousers, and she had a green canvas bag.

'Mom said there was nothing wrong with wearing trousers. But why do they treat me this way?' The young girl silently completed as she refused to cry for what happened. Her mother told her not to hit anyone, and she regrets promising to do so. She vowed that the next time her mother asked her to do something, she would make sure to look for the loophole.

She really hated the rich idiot kids. They would force her to do their homework for them. If that did not prove they were idiots, then what?

Cyrene was holding her books near her chest. She sat in a small ball next to her locker that was opened and was old blood and dead rats, and all her books were torn and had been thrown all over the hallway. Her small hand clenched in annoyance as the rotten eggs continued to hit her small frame. The pungent smell invaded the whole hallway.

She has the urge to hug all the rich kids around and rub herself at them, so they smell the same way too. That would be good revenge, but again she can't get herself in trouble.

"Ooh! The baby is about to cry! Who is going to help her? Maybe we should call her mother, but before that, let her have some food. Maybe she is just hungry." Caroline said as she threw more of the rotten eggs to her hair.

The other kids were just laughing at her.

You would think that the teachers would do anything to help one of the performing students in school, but now they just stayed far away from the situation, not wanting to be the reason the daughter of the school founder got angry.

The attention of the kids was diverted when the front doors when it opened, and a new boy entered the hallway. He was your typical bad boy and really cute.

You could immediately see the girls trying to straighten their dresses and push their flat chest outward to get his attention.

But as soon as he entered the room, Caroline stopped from what she had planned to do. She then walked in the middle of the hallway, where the kids had parted ways of making way like the biblical red sea.

She butted her pink eye rashes as she smiled seductively at the new hot boy, Noel.

Noel's eyes were on the small girl was sitting on the floor. He could see her shoulders shaking, but surprisingly, she seemed to be not crying. She was more like restraining her anger.

"Hello, there, cutie. Want to join us in our game?" Caroline asked as she twirled her pink hair as she popped the gum she was chewing.

Noel sized her up unhappily.

Since he did not speak, Caroline reached out to touch his arm, hoping to caress it seductively.

"Don't touch me!" Noel flared as he pushed her away, making her stumble a little.

The look on her face made Cyrene, who was still on the floor, smile and relax.

Noel walked to where Cyrene was and offered his hand to her.

Cyrene looked up to him suspiciously at first. Then her reluctance turned to acceptance when she could not help but stare at his handsome face and mesmerizing eyes. All of a sudden, she felt that she could trust him, a feeling that she had felt with anyone in her school.

She reached to his head and allowed him to help her get up. Cyrene's hands were small, and he was so large. He held her up.

Everyone in the room looked as if they had just witnessed a ghost walk through the hallway.

No one dares defy Caroline or, even worse, talk to Cyrene and off any kind of help.

"I see. You are new here, and that means you can be forgiven. But I just want to tell you that one dares to talk rudely to me. Do you know who I am? I can make your life here miserable if I want to. But... If you are my boyfriend, all this will be forgotten. Your life will be the best and peaceful," Caroline told Noel.

Just as Caroline said that, Cyrene expected Noel to loosen his hand, but instead of letting go, it tightened before he suddenly hugged her. After that, he pulled her to his side, not caring that she was spoiling his expensive leather jacket. "Stay here." He whispered before he released her hand and walked towards Caroline.

"Listen here, you, little b*tch. Your father may be the founder of this school, but that does not mean you own everyone in it. So, it is best you learn your place, and maybe you should spend more time taking makeup tutorials. You look ugly. I don't want to be your boyfriend and have a nightmare because of it. If I ever see you and your puppets bullying Cyrene ever again, then don't blame me for ruining your face further." Noel said before he dragged Cyrene outside with him.

"I think you will need to change that." He tells her as he leads her to a car in the school parking lot.

There was no student in elementary school that was of age to drive a car, so she was wondering why on earth the new student had one. That was beside the point, though.

On top of everything, Cyrene still could not get over the fact that the new kid, who was so good-looking, had just stood up for her against the most feared person in the school.

"Don't be afraid, that's my parent's car. They will give you something to wear in the meantime."

"How do you know my name?" Cyrene asked him, surprised.

"Well, I am your neighbor. My parent had joined your clan from Orlando. I like to know something about the people that I am going to meet, so I had my parents lookup your clan, and I learned that you are the only daughter of your parents. And I wanted a friend who was a hunter." Noel explained himself.

"You are a hunter?" Cyrene asked, still surprised as they reached where the care was packed.

"We are all hunters. It looks like my son has found himself a friend." Suddenly a middle-aged woman spoke, who resembled Noel greatly.

The pretty lady ruffled Noel's hair that made the boy annoyed but could not refute.

His gaze then landed on her, and when he saw her smile, the boy started blushing profusely as his mother played with his hair. When he could not take it anymore, he slapped his mother's hand away from his head.

"Mum, stop... My friend needs clean clothes. Do you think we have some extra clothes back there?" Noel asked his mother politely.

"Ask your nanny?" His mother replied.

The back door was open, and an old woman came out holding a pair of jeans that were Noel's size and a t-shirt. She seemed to have prepared them for Noel as when the woman saw Cyrene, and she gasped loudly.

Not only that, but suddenly the older woman looked at her like she was seeing an old friend.

"Cyrene!" The old woman said, scaring the little girl that was standing there.

Cyrene frowned and did not acknowledge the woman. She only wanted to get clean clothes so that she could change from her clothes that smelled awful.

So she snatched the clothes out of the old woman's hand and ran to the school gym where there was a bathroom.

Cyrene showered and changed into a clean set of clothes which were way bigger than her, but they were better than her, and she had to fold the trouser like ten-time so that she could be able to wear her boots when she walked out of the bathroom she found Noel waiting for her.

Outside which she was very happy about knowing her season of being bullied was over, and she also didn't need to break her promise as well.

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