31 Call

Cyrene: hello?

Darrell: I am alpha of the blood moon pack and am calling to tell you that we have your parent, and we want to meet with you so that we can make a deal about your parent.

Cyrene: And why should I trust you that you have my parent and that you have kept them alive till now?

Darrell: you should not trust me, but it is upon you to decide what you want for them. You can decide to stay there and wait till we send you their head, or you can come and meet us so there may be a chance for you to save them.

Cyrene: why are we going to meet?

Darrell: meet us at the Nemeton that is on the dead valley at two this afternoon, and do not be late. Before I forget, don't dare try to sneak into our dungeon. Because if you do, I will find out before you get the chance to lay your eyes on them and am going to capture you too and make you watch as I kill them.

Cyrene did not answer him. Instead, she hung up on him and smashed the phone to the wall of a building near them, and it broke into pieces.

She started kicking the wall with her legs. Noel saw that she was going to hurt herself and came from behind her and snaked his arms around her waist, and pulled her away from the wall.

She turned around and buried his face into his broad chest, making him become tense.

He hugged her close to his body as he enjoyed the feeling of her small warm, and smooth body against his own he did not want this moment to end. He rubbed circles on her back as he tried to soothe her.

They had been friends since Cyrene was three years old when Noel's family moved from the argent clan to theirs.

He always stood up for her in school, where she had always been bullied because of her small body.

But after growing with her and sharing almost everything, including beds, he had developed feelings that were more than love for a sister.

He started admiring her secretly. He would hug tight than before, and he went after any male that tried to flirt with her.

Obviously, she was not aware of this because she herself did not have eyes for boys, and as she had always thought that it was him trying to protect her like they normally do.

After she had calmed down and she had stopped crying, she moved from Noel's embrace, and she walked to a tap and splashed water on her face because it had become puffy from crying.

"Who was with you on the phone?" Noel asked, wanting to know who had made her that sad because this was the first time he saw her cry.

Even when she was bullied, not once did she ever shed a tear.

"Why does this have to happen to me? First, we are attacked, and my people killed then being whisked away by some witch telling about some stupid prophecy and as if that does not hurt enough, I came here only to find out that my parent is missing the freaking werewolf alpha calls me to tell me that he has them and he wants to strike a deal with me."

"What do you mean that you were whisked away by some witch? And we don't have to go meet the werewolves. If you do not want to meet them, we can go ambush them and rescue them, and if the damn alpha tries to stop us, we can just kill him." Noel said, trying to encourage her.

"They are many reasons that we cannot just go attack them. The first one is that we don't have enough warriors to do that, and we can't afford to lose the ones we have because we don't know what they may have planned to do once we take all our soldiers to go attack them. The other reason is about the prophecy."

"What about the prophecy?" Noel asked

"I never left the way I was whisked away by a witch. She said that she was saving me from myself. She also talked about a prophecy. That there is the doom that is going to strike the whole of the supernatural world and that we also do count as the supernatural."

"I did not know that. But some of our people that have been highly trained to be hunters." Noel wondered.

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