495 Return to Continent M

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"Okay." Qin Ran nodded slightly.

No one knew the strength of Giant Crocodile and Chang Ning better than her.

It was actually understandable how fearful people in Beijing were of them.

Elder Xu and the others took Qin Ran around the room.

He was taking her to toast with important people to lay down the basic connections for her.

The banquet lasted a long time.

From 10 am to 2 pm, the party finished eating, drinking, and communicating.

Today, the Xu family and Qin Ran had caused a big hoo-hah.

Everyone in Beijing needed time to digest this at home.

Especially since… no one knew what Elder Xu and Elder Cheng were planning.

Principal Zhou and Zhou Ying walked out of the Xu family's gate together, stopping by their cars. Principal Zhou glanced up at the sky. "Beijing… I'm afraid it's going to witness some big changes."

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