508 Personally Nurturing

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"Who told you?" Qin Ran took a step back and lifted her head.

It was Cheng Juan.

He looked normal. He was wearing a black coat and had slender, long legs.

Qin Ran thought that as Cheng Juan was busy dealing with the Hacker Alliance, he wouldn't pay much attention to her.

After all, he said that the Hacker Alliance would be undergoing a big change.

Hence, she made Cheng Mu keep this secret.

It was normal that Cheng Mu recognized her.

Who knew that Cheng Juan didn't follow his routine.

Qin Ran lowered her head. Originally, she didn't want him to know about her relationship with the Arena.

However, because of her, the Xu family was affected that night. Bo Te's eye injury was partly due to him following Xu Yaoguang to look for her on the third level.

They even risked their lives and came back for her.

Although Qin Ran didn't want any relationship with another man, she had to pay back Xu Yaoguang's favor.

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