It was cool morning,as the sun shone into his room through the window,he felt slight awake. Lowly groaning,he moved to the other side of the bed and his door came banging.

'Hey,wake up deep shit!,his dad yelled. He rose with some strength and opened the door. 'Hey, morning dad'

  'Morning',he replied and held his face.'Are you okay,how's your night?

 'It was fine',he smiled.

'Then get ready for school'.

School,that was the problem really. He still had to live his routine as usual.He was tired of it especially the school part,deep down he wanted everything to stop,he wanted to stop the bully,he wanted to have a shot at his crush. 

'Yeah sure',he said going away to the bathroom.

It has been a few years since his mum died and ever since it was him,his elder brother and his dad. Well his elder brother is not around everytime he's staying in another city where their mother owned. Their mum also owned the house he and his father were living,she was a real estate agent before she died. Though,his dad Aldor still think about his wife's death but did his best to hide from his sons,Max knew though despite his act but he too deeply thought it won't be easy to forget for him and he's trying his best to make him happy so he didn't just want to bother him with his mum.

In school,a guy could be seen pacing front and back looking at his watch when he caught sight of a girl

  'Hey!,he smiled at her. She pretended not to hear him and just continued to walk

 'Cmon,just say hi ....that's not so hard,is it! He blocked her way

  She was about to speak when another huge guy arrived

   'Do you have a death wish? He asked

    Sam gulped and whispered 'I have everything buh certainly not a death wish' and faked a smile as he watched them both went away then Max entered.

'what was the fume about?,Max asked.

'I wanted to beat up Cole' he lied but Max knew he always said that.

'Did he asked you about a death wish again? He smiled

Sam knew too well Max knew he was lying and he just shrug it off and proceed to lie anyways. Both of them went chatting and to Max his source of hope is when around Sam he is quite a nerd and knows his way out of troubles quickly some traits Max seem not to have rather he just attracts trouble as he hit another guy's leg mistakenly when entering into class.

 'Did you kept your eye at home!?,the guy said slapping Max in the face then commotion started. Sam separated the guy from Max.

'Cmon man....he sure did forgot his eye,am sorry and I think the slap has brought his eye back. Max just stood there.


'Another wolf has been killed! They think we are helpless!

Kado growled! He was so furious that hair started to sprout on his arms and back. **********

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