Lvl.1000 To Lvl.1 - Ascension of a God Book

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Lvl.1000 To Lvl.1 - Ascension of a God


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He was known as the God of the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game(MMORPG), 'Altair Adventurers Online' or AAO. There was no one in the game who doesn't know the name of its God - Zero. None will be able to beat the game until they beat him first; he was the peak and none seems to have reached him so far. He - was the only one who has finished the game -and he - was its final boss. But little did the players know... Or even Zero himself... That what he had reached so far, was only the beginning of his adventure. Join as Zero starts his new adventures in his new colorful world. With the job, of choosing its next God.


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