1 Chapter 1 Graduation

"Huh! where am I? This again?" Ethan mumbled as he looked around the room he was in.

"Master I'm sorry for keeping you waiting" a lovely voice spoke from afar.

Ethan turned around and sighed heavily as he placed his hands on his head, the sight in front of him was breathtaking, a beautiful blond girl ran towards him totally naked but Ethan didn't waver in the slightest.

Other would have drooled at the sight of this blond girl running toward them naked, but this wasn't the first time for Ethan, some months back he started having these strange dreams.

"Master..." the blond girl spoke as she got closer and opened her hands to hug him, but immediately light faded from Ethan's eyes.


Ethan's eyes jolted open and he looked around, he was in his room and bright light illuminated his entire room, this wasn't the first time he was having such dreams so he didn't care at all.

The first time he had such dreams he woke up to find a damp spot in his underwear but now he wasn't even concerned.

He stretched his body in his comfy bed, yawning loudly as he grabs his phone to check the time, 6:00 am.

"Time to wash up".

Ethan was the only son of Mr and Mrs Quinn, his dad was an American but his mother was Asian.

Ethan was currently 18 years old and had just finished high school, and today was their graduation ceremony and he had to be there on time.

Ethan wasn't the brightest kid in the room but his presence and contribution were always appreciated, he was the most popular kid in his school, being handsome sure has its perks.

He had short black hair, blue eyes, average height, average build, and a face any girl would die for, thanks to both of his parents he came out wonderful, his parent's financial status was pretty much more than average, so to Ethan money was not a problem.

"Ethan are you done" his mom shouted from downstairs.

"Give me a minute" Ethan shouted back as he looked at himself one last time in the mirror before leaving his room.

Ethan was used to girls being around him but he never had a girlfriend, but at least he's not a virgin, it's been over few months since he turned 18 so he's had sex a few times.

"Morning Mom, morning Dad" Ethan greeted his parents.

"Morning," both of his parents replied.

"Okay, what would you like to eat before we head out?" his mom asked.

"Nothing, I'm not really hungry," Ethan said.

"Are you sure" his dad butted in.

"I'll have a sandwich" Ethan said as he sat down.




Ethan was currently in his dad's car driving to his school for the graduation ceremony, the car ride was smooth and without much traffic, they arrived at the school some minutes later and parked their car.

Ethan's mom was arranging his clothes and styling his hair with her hands as they got down from the car. Ethan was never ashamed when his mom did that to him, he was her only child and she loved him dearly and of course Ethan also loved both of his parents.

"Okay" his mom smiled at him.

"Do good little man" his dad said.

"Sure thing dad" Ethan replied back and walked towards the student's area.

Ever since he turned 18, little man had been the nickname his dad gave to him, it sounds childish but he didn't really care as long as his friends never hear it, his dad and mom moved to take seats in the audience.

"Hey guys," Ethan said to his friends.

"Bro, I'm thrilled right now" his friends Andrew said to him and they did a little handshake, Andrew and James were Ethan's best friends in school.

"Are we gonna give speeches, cause you know I have stage fright" a skinny boy said.

"Relax...not all of us, just some selected few" Andrew answered him and the boy calmed down a little bit, "But I'm sure you'll give a speech"

"What!! Really!!" the boy asked.

"He's joking" a girl butted in.

"Finally, we are done with high school" a boy spoke.

"We are not done till we take off these graduation gowns" a girl replied.

"Let's just get this graduation over with," another boy said.

"Why the rush?" Andrew said smirking.

"What's with this strange smile," the boy asked Andrew, the boy was named Anthony.

"We know your little secret," Andrew said and all of them burst into laughter.

"My secret, I don't have any secret," Anthony said boldly.

"Are you sure" Ethan chimed in and they burst into laughter again.

"Hey stop laughing, okay what's the secret," Anthony said.

"Ohh, you really want to know?".

"Yes, tell me cause I don't understand why you're all laughing" Anthony snorted.

"Okay, you all know that relationships are mutual right.

"Yes" they all answered.

"But I know a certain boy who had been promised to get laid after he graduated," Andrew said with laughter in his voice.

Anthony's eyes widen as Andrew said this,

"James I will kill you" Anthony shouted and they all laughed, James was the only one who knew about this.

"Ohh, speak of the devil," Ethan said as James walked in.

"James" Anthony shouted.

"Hey bro," James said to Anthony,

"Don't bro me, why did you tell them that I was going to get laid".

"Ohh, my bad I mentioned it by mistake" James burst into laughter, Anthony's face shows that he was angry.

"Chill bro, not everyone gets laid after graduation," Andrew said and laughed uncontrollably.

"Guys ready, you are going to be called on any minute," one of their teachers told them.

"Shit" noises erupted as they all rushed to wear their graduation gowns.

"Okay, let's call on this year's seniors," the principal said and left the stage, Ethan and his classmates walked in with confidence, cheers, and applause filled the hall as the students stood on the stage.


The graduation ceremony had ended as people made their way to the entrance.

"Later," Ethan said to his friends as he made his way back to his dad's car.

The car ride was smooth as the small family talked about Ethan's plan for college, and they finally agreed on a school within the country but in a different state, most of Ethan's friends also chose the school.

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