Lust, Love & Rape
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Lust, Love & Rape


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What is Lust, Love & Rape

Lust, Love & Rape is a popular web novel written by the author chidubem_ovute, covering R18, ROMANCE, COMEDY, ADVENTURE, MODERN, MYSTERY, MYSTERYROMANCE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 71.5K readers . The novel is being serialized to 8 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


If it's rape, why do I enjoy it? Shy University Student, Amber Hall is almost raped by a guy wearing a panda mask. She thinks is all over until she begins to get letters from him and then start to realize that the guy in the panda mask may know her more than she's willing to accept. She embarks on a mission to find the guy amidst her life falling to pieces. Number of reads: Under 5k Amber I arrived at Lauren's room at about 11:56pm and from the windows saw the room was dark, just perfect I thought smiling to myself. She's surely asleep, I would creep up on her bed side, scare the hell out her and wish her a happy birthday and then we would both have fun throughout the morning. Damn, it was going to be a double score I thought smiling to myself again as I quietly opened the door with the spare key Lauren had given me a long time ago. I tiptoed into the room and unexpectedly walked in on a scene that would forever haunt my memory. I found Lauren sitting ontop my boyfriend Tyler, gently riding him gently. They were so lost in the moment that they didn't even realize I had entered the room.... I was so clouded in thoughts, lost in the world of anger and didn't notice him silently crawling behind my back. I didn't know someone was behind me until he crept up behind me.........


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I just want to give a review with this book in here. This book have a good storyline and I love how the mystery and kinda little bit of suspense but not in a horror way (because I'm scared for that). Please update author. We will wait for your update. Please don't dropped this book it has a good plot. Please update. Thank you. We'll wait author.


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