Luo Yichen's Wife Loves Having Multiple Identities Book

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Luo Yichen's Wife Loves Having Multiple Identities


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Qu Ling'er had only ever felt suffering with her cold, terrible family. After her coming of age, all she wanted was to run away. Luo Yichen, a successful actor, accidentally bumped into her three times in a single day. He helped to resolve the sticky situation she was in and took her home. At first, he thought she was a pitiful girl who people around her bullied. However, he later found out she was a genius writer on the internet, an e-sports bigshot, and a skilled hacker... Moreover, she was continually establishing new titles for herself. Luo Yichen constantly thought of ways to make her his... However, not long after the two decided to enter a relationship, Qu Ling'er found out she was taken in by the wrong family when she was born. As a result, Luo Yichen found himself surrounded by Qu Ling'er's real family! "Ling'er is still young. How dare you try to marry her? In your dreams!" Her biological parents exclaimed. "Luo Yicheng has nothing but good looks. He's not reliable as us, your cousins. Be a good girl and break up with him!" Her cousins exclaimed. "Luo Yicheng is the greatest of all time. Nobody deserves him! Ms. Qu, stop trying to be with him. We won't agree to it!" Luo Yichen's fans exclaimed. After Qu Ling'er's multiple identities were revealed, Luo Yichen's fans changed their minds. "Ling'er, you're amazing! Luo Yichen, back off. You don't deserve Ling'er anymore... "'I just want to get married. Why is this so hard?' Luo Yichen thought.


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