Lunox:Moniyan vs. Dark Abyss Book

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Lunox:Moniyan vs. Dark Abyss


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In the first day of the land of dawn was filled with chaos. There was wars between the light and dark swept through the land that fighting for powers is the purpose of existence. However this was not the intention of the world created. But there are some people wanted hope and happiness through some miracles still happens in this world. There was a new born baby that chosen to be blessed with the both power of dark and light. But she needs to choose from light or dark. She refused, then sadly everything was taken from her happiness,hope and even her family. But this young girl named Lunox still have hope in this world. One day she found her true identity and purpose of existence. To bring peace to the Land of Dawn she needs to maintain balance of the light and dark, and even to sacrifice herself was her duty. She made herself sealed with twilight orb in countless centuries, she's quietly absorbing the growing power of the light and dark. Lunox knew the imbalance between Order and Chaos would last forever.