Lunar Witch [Timeloop Isekai LitRPG]

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What is Lunar Witch [Timeloop Isekai LitRPG]

Read ‘Lunar Witch [Timeloop Isekai LitRPG]’ Online for Free, written by the author nectarnovels, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [7-8k words per chapter]System Day is a blessing for some, a curse for others. It’s a time when a new world of skills, s...


[7-8k words per chapter] System Day is a blessing for some, a curse for others. It’s a time when a new world of skills, stats, and levels opens to aspiring Delvers—but for Elaine, it’s a nightmare that never ends. She’s stuck in a deadly time loop, where every death resets her to the beginning. The only thing that stays with her are her powers, which grow stronger with each cycle. But the world is changing, and not for the better. The sun grows larger and redder each day—bleeding crimson like a wound in the sky. Is it a sign of impending catastrophe, or could it be the key to her salvation? She needs to figure out the secrets of the Delves, which hold the answer to her escape. She’s not alone, though. Other Delvers are there to help and befriend her. But can she trust them? And can they trust her, especially when she knows things they don’t? Elaine has one chance. To break the loop and save the world. Or die trying. Again and again. ----- The main character is female but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying the story as it's pretty male oriented. This is an Isekai of excellent quality, with LitRPG elements along with Action, TImeloop, and an interesting set of characters. It's got some slice-of-life moments and has an epic plot with an eventual badass MC. And yes, as assumed by the title, the main character of this novel is a Lunar Witch. This original is inspired by Mother of Learning, The Perfect Run, and the 'Groundhog Day' scenario set in an isekai world. So, if you're a reader of any of those, this is perfect for you.

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A "HERO'S BURDEN" is a gripping story that unfolds in a world where darkness threatens to consume everything. Our story revolves around a macho protagonist , finds himself burdened with the responsibility of protecting the world from impending doom. - Armed with a “RARE and POWERFUL SWORD,” the hero embarks on a perilous journey to confront an “evil old man” who seeks to plunge the world into chaos. Along the way, the protagonist faces many trials and challenges, testing his physical prowess and unwavering determination. _______________________________________________________________ In the midst of this epic struggle between good and evil, a “beautiful girl” enters the scene. She introduces herself as “LUNA.” She possesses an otherworldly charm that captivates not only our hero, but also those who stand in opposition. Her presence adds complexity to the narrative, as her true intentions remain shrouded in mystery. As the story develops, betrayals will be revealed, and sacrifices will be made. _________________________________________________________________ - The hero must navigate treacherous paths, make difficult choices, and confront his inner demons. Only through unwavering determination and the power of love can they hope to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. "The Hero's Burden" is an epic adventure filled with action, suspense, romance and poignant moments of self-discovery. Explores themes of courage, sacrifice, redemption, and the enduring power of hope in the face of darkness. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey that will leave you on the edge of your seat and inspire you to believe in the power of the human spirit. •••• •••••• ••••••••• TAGS: LOVE, ADVENTURE, DRAMA, R18,

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In the neon-lit abyss of Sin City, where the shadows writhe with secrets and power resides in the hands of the elite, Marcus, a sheltered resident of the privileged echelons, finds his world shattered by a series of devastating losses. Driven by a relentless thirst for justice and power, he steps into the darkness, joining forces with a clandestine group of mercenaries known as Mirror. Together, they navigate a city steeped in corruption and blood-soaked rivalries. As Marcus unravels the sinister web woven by the mega-corporations and criminal syndicates, he discovers shocking truths that threaten to consume him. Mirroring the city's twisted underbelly, he confronts his own inner demons, haunted by the sacrifices he's made and the irreversible transformations he's undergone. Amidst the chaos and carnage, alliances are forged, friendships tested, and romances kindled. With every step forward, Marcus delves deeper into a realm where survival is uncertain, and the line between hero and villain blurs. As bullets dance in the air and limbs scatter like broken dreams, he must confront the darkest facets of his own soul to seize a chance at redemption and try to reshape the destiny of Sin City itself. _______________________________________________________ Hello all! I have returned(somewhat) to the writing space. This will be my main story for now so I hope it is enjoyed as much as I hope. Happy Reading! Daily chapters at 8am EST hopefully. Cover Art painstakingly generated with AI by ME(Astral)! Synopsis touched up by chatgpt. Subject to change!

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Humans are weak. Yet, harm the people they love, and they become fiercer than any demon.~ Unknown. ____________ "Heavenly Sword! Give it up and surrender! There is no longer any way for you to win this!" Sweat fell down his brow as Hiroyuki stood in a sea of enemies. Extremely fatigued from fighting by himself non-stop. The man wondered how the situation could be turned around. Despite being called Heavenly Sword, it was almost impossible to win against an entire continent alone. Yet even in the face of death, he refused to surrender. Hiro forced himself to stand using his swords for support. He then nonchalantly answered. "Can't, I promised my girls I would come home early today. They will be sad if I am late." Suddenly, three gorgeous women appeared beside him, surprising everyone else. The army grew wary as they phased in like ghosts, despite the man being surrounded by enemies. Beautiful, alluring, and overflowing in both power and sex appeal. The women made thousands of boners stand up in respect. "Darling, we had a date! Look at how bloody you are! Why do you need to worry me like this?" "Shush, can't you see he is injured? My love hold still, I will heal your wounds." "Husband. Pain? Rest. We cooked. Lots of food. Eat later. Now, we'll kill enemies." "But, I can still fight, I will take point... " The wives supported him to take a seat. Each beauty then gave him deep and passionate kisses one after another in a display of lust and desire. Three confident voices assured him afterwards. "Darling, so long as you are with me, I will never lose to anyone. Wait for us, rest for now." "My love, your wellbeing is most important. We made your favorites, let's celebrate at home later. please let us take out the rubbish okay?" "Husband rests. Husband strong. But wife worries. Be obedient. Safe. Reward later." It was obvious to everyone how much they loved their husband. Silenced by the passion of his women, the man quietly waited, defeat wasn't even a possibility. After tending to their beloved, the wives turned to face the army surrounding Hiro. The ravishing women then began to unleash power that made the skies quake and the earth shatter. "I count a hundred thousand. As we are all extremely pissed, how about a game to make it interesting? The winner gets to keep darling for an entire Saturday. Deal?" "...Please make it the entire weekend including nights. They laid hands on the man I love the most. Their lives are mine." "Don't bother. Livid. I will win. Weekend sex. Creampies. My rewards. You girls rest. No longer needed." The commander who saw the three women display tyrannical powers grew frantic. Aside from being an unmatched swordsman, his superior told him that the target had a factor even more important to consider. "Listen carefully! When you hunt the Heavenly Sword remember one thing. Do everything possible to separate him from his battle harem. Fight him alone. ALONE! UNDERSTAND?! "If his women are with him, retreat immediately! Do not engage them period!" "But..." *SLAP* "NO BUTS! HIS WOMEN SHOW UP, YOU HAUL ASS! DO I MAKE MYSELF ABSOLUTELY CLEAR?!" Finally understanding the words of his superior. The commander was about to order a retreat. However, something instantaneously blew his head apart. The sounds similar to a watermelon violently exploding forced the entire army to halt. As blood, flesh and brain matter rained around the area of the former leader, a cold voice spoke amid the silence. "One." "Oh, come on! We haven't even started yet!" "Cheating bad. Saint image weeping." "Two." "....." Thus began a one-sided massacre involving 100,000 men against three very vengeful women. This was only one of such stories surrounding the strongest force to ever walk the lands of the Valorious continent. The Battle Harem of the Heavenly Sword *Cover Commissioned from suryabaswara516*

Yinghuo_392 · Fantasy
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