154 Urgency

"No problem, have fun you two! Mu Yue, do your best!" Liu Yang shouted as she and the others went away.

"Mu Yue, what does she mean do your best? Is there something you are planning?"

"Ah? w-well..." Mu Yue, when it comes to Xiao Yan, finds it hard to lie.

Xiao Yan knows this and so, "You don't need to tell me. Whatever it is, I look forward to whatever you do."

"Thank you. By the way, where are we going to do our date?"

"In the capital. Although we've been there, there should still be more to be seen by us. Also, it's the closest so we won't waste too much time traveling. Let's go to your father's place and borrow his ship. I already sent a letter in advance so unless he has plans already, it should be available."


When they arrived, the principal was surprised at how well the two girls made themselves to look good. "This will 100% attract unwanted attention. I know it's a date but I need to be with you two, at least in secret."

"But I have my guards they would be enough!" Xiao Yan tried to reason but was rejected.

"What if powerful people appeared? Like last time! Don't worry, I won't appear unless you two are in danger."

"Let father accompany us, Xiao Yan. It's better to be safe than sorry..."

"Okay, but don't eavesdrop on us!"

Zhi Li nodded, "Yeah, it's a date and I know you two need your privacy. I'll be with your guards."

"That's good enough. At least, it still counts as a date! Let's go, time is running."

They quickly arrived at the capital. As soon as the ship landed, Xiao Yan grabbed Mu Yue's hand and started to walk around.

"Have some of your men start to tail them. I'll be here for a while to handle things." Zhi Li said to the captain of the group of guards.

Currently, Mu Yue and Xiao Yan were walking in a street, spending time together.

"Hey Mu Yue, what do you---....." Xiao Yan was interrupted by a nearby fight and the rest of what she said was not properly heard by Mu Yue.

"What did you say Xiao Yan?"

Before Xiao Yan can reply, a loud noise was created by the fight. She grabbed Mu Yue's hand and they both went some distance away.

"This should be enough. I was askin-"

Unfortunately for her, the groups that were fighting each other coincidentally went near their area. The noise they created interrupted Xiao Yan yet again.

Xiao Yan was so angry but she had to control her emotions since she was in front of Mu Yue.

Mu Yue then asked,"Are you alright?"

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Xiao Yan smiled and said, "I'll be right back."

She walked near the groups that were creating the noise and mumbled, "Interrupting me while I'm talking to Mu Yue... unforgivable!"

Suddenly, multiple fireballs exploded on the area where the groups were fighting, knocking out most of the members of each groups.

Xiao Yan happily went back to Mu Yue. "Finally, some peace and silence. Mu Yue, I was asking earlier on what you wish to suggest we do."

"Anything, as long as I'm with you."

"Okay, let's eat lunch and then head towards a location I heard. It's outside the city but not that far."

However, just as they proceed to enter a restaurant, a loud ring of bells was heard by the entire city. The Zhi Li and the guards quickly surrounded the two.

"Father, what's happening?"

"Since the bells are ringing, it would mean that something could cause the downfall of this city. Strange, it isn't the time for beast tides nor is there any war happening."

Xiao Yan pouted, "Out of all the times, it happens right now? Can we ignore the bell and just proceed normally?"

"No, it is required of all combatants in the city to participate on defense against the threat. The capital is the heart of the kingdom, if it falls, the nation will lose a lot."

"Tsk fine, let's go ask what the ring of the bell i supposed to be fo-"

It was then that a loud roar sounded that is on par of the bell's ring.

Zhi Li tensed up as he quickly instructed the guards. "Make sure to protect them at all costs. You guys don't have to participate on the defense, stay alive!"

He quickly flew to the sky and met with the other similar figures that also now know what actually happened for the bell to rang.

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