1 Chapter 1

It just had to be a hot summer day for moving. I giggled to myself, grabbing one of my boxes out of the moving truck.

I walked upstairs to my room, placing the box beside my bed.

"Hey, Cressa I got one of your boxes mixed up with mine." My twin brother said while placing it next to the one I just put down. "Thanks bro, sorry for not labeling it better." I smiled shyly up at him.

He smirked down at me playfully "Yeah, if we move again please do better at it." He lifted up the lid to the box, revealing panties and bras.

"Omg Cage!" I hit him playfully, blushing like crazy. "Hey, I wasn't the one that didn't label it as hers!" He chuckled raising up his hands in surrender leaving my room.

I sigh heavily once he leaves, falling back onto my bed. I can't believe him, I blush slightly thinking to myself.


It was late in the afternoon by the time we got everything the way we wanted in the house.

I went down to help my mom in the kitchen after fixing my room. "Hey baby! Wanna help me with cooking?" She said pulling out a big pot. "Yeah sure, what we eating?" I asked sitting down on one of the chairs.

"I was thinking spaghetti!" She smiled brightly while getting the noodles out of the cabinet. I giggled slightly, walking over to help her "Alright, sounds good to me."

My mom and I have a good relationship, she's very bubbly. At times I forget she's my mother, my family is kinda goofy crazy.

I get a lot of my traits from my dad who I'm very close with. For as long as I can remember I have always been a daddies girl.

Were a good-sized family, I have an older brother named Tristan, who will take the beta title once dad retires. Yep, I'm the daughter of the pack beta.

I have a twin brother named Cage, who actually takes after mom. Then we all have a little sister named Tala, she's our pride and joy.

After mom and I got done cooking we called everyone in to eat.

"Oooo~ It smells so good girls!" My dad came in hugging both of us. "It better taste as good as it smells." Mom teased at him.

I smiled and rolled my eyes at both of them while sitting out the plates on the table.

Both my brothers come in chuckling at each other. "Oh wow, ma that smells good." Tristan says taking a seat at the table. "Hey!" I playfully hit the back of his head.

"Your sister helped to~" She said sweetly while helping Tala make a plate. "Yeah, sis is just as good as mom!" Tala says cutely, taking a seat next to me. I kiss her cheek softly, making her smile happily.

Both my brothers laugh softly as they start to dig into their spaghetti. "Defiantly taste as good as it smells~" My father says which makes everyone laugh together.

Once cleaning up after dinner, I went back up to my room and laid out on my bed. That's usually how dinner goes in my family. I smiled to myself, thinking about how much I love all of them.

As I thought to myself the door to my room opened. "Hey baby girl." My dad walked in and sat next to me on the bed. "Hey dad what's up?" I leaned up and smiled at him softly.

He smiled back saying "I wanted to thank you for helping out today." I made a face and giggled slightly "You don't have to thank me, dad."I nudged my shoulder with his, causing him to chuckle.

"I know, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you, and how proud I am of you." He looks at me softly, his eyes showing love. His words warmed my heart "Thanks dad, means a lot." I smiled softly, hugging him as I do so.

He hugs me back tightly "Your welcome baby girl." We hugged for a bit before he moved to stand up.

"Alright, get some sleep. We all have a big day tomorrow." He smiled down at me before walking to my door. "Alright, night dad." I smiled at him before he left nodding.

I got up and put pjs on before getting in under the covers. I hope tomorrow goes well, I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.


The next day I got out of bed and took a shower. Today the pack is throwing a big party for my dad taking his position back as beta. I know a little over bored right?

But our alpha is best friends with my dad, so he wanted to throw a party for his return. My family and I just moved back into our pack. We were having trouble with the human government, so not to show anything as a threat. All the betas from all the different packs had to fill in for their alphas. Which took a year to work out, it was crazy.

So since we're finally back, they're throwing us a welcome home party!

After I got out of the shower I went back to my room and put on a green simple looking dress. It showed my figure very well, it also complemented my reddish brownish curly hair.

Once I checked myself out for a bit, I grabbed my make up bag and got up close to the mirror. I grabbed both my mascara and clear lipstick. I'm not that into going all out on makeup.

I put both on, fluttering my lasses as I look at myself in the mirror. I got my freckles from my mom, they're like splatters of paint across my nose. I smile to myself as I think of hers.

"Stop checking yourself out and let's get going, they're waiting on us." Cage said leaning on my door frame smiling at me playfully. "Alright, I coming." I rolled my eyes walking over to him and linked our arms together.

We both headed downstairs arm in arm, where the whole family was waiting for us by the door.

"Took you long enough." Tristan said with a playful smile spread across his face. "This one here was checking herself out." Cage teased in response.

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"No I wasn't." I nudged his shoulder slightly as we all laughed.

"Everyone ready then?" My father said in his nice suit, smiling at all of us happily.

We all said together "Ready!" With a nod, he opened the door.

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