Luna With Green Eyes Book

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Luna With Green Eyes


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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT Cressa Brightly was just living her happy werewolf life with her loving family before it all went to chaos... Cressa is forced to leave her home and most likely her dead father behind because of a ruthless bloodthirsty Alpha that calls her his... At first she obeys in fear of getting hurt, but as time goes on she starts to lose herself. She's been used, mistreated, taken, made an example of, and cheated on. Theirs only so much she can take before she snaps... Can Cressa overcome everything thrown at her and be able to move on with her Alpha? Can she raise a pup that isn't hers? ...You will see in Luna With Green Eyes... A/N: This is my first werewolf book so I hope you like it! Not cliche, got deep feels, emotional rollercoaster WARNING: MATURE CONTENT, Language, Abuse


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