1 Chapter 1- Weird Dream

A young lady can be seen wandering alone through the cemetery, she was on a late night dare with her friends when suddenly she found herself alone in the middle of a very thick fog. Scared, she tried calling for help but no one answered her shouts, and her phone calls wouldn't go through no matter what. Feeling alone and terrified, she started hearing different noises coming from the night, and they seemed to be rushing towards her. The horrifying part was the vivid growling of beasts. Panicking, she ran with all her might to get away, but it seemed useless, the growling noises came closer and closer, like it was chasing her, toying with her. She was so scared she almost gave up running. When she thought all was lost, she ran into another one of her friends from the party and grabbed onto him like a life saving grace. She hysterically told him it wasn't safe and asked if he could call 911. Her friend looked at her disheveled appearance and asked what was wrong. She kept telling him that it wasn't safe out there and they needed to get away. While trying to hurry him to call the others or to call the cops, she kept looking back for the things that were chasing her a moment ago; only to find nothing was behind her. When she looked at her friend she was relieved to be safe. "Where are the others?" she asked, feeling embarrassed at the scene she just caused. "They're fine, they'll be here shortly"-he said to her with a smirk. "AWOOOOOOOOO" a wolf cry was heard in the night, followed by another, then another. She opened her eyes wide and started trembling. "Oh they're here"-said her friend while laughing at how scared she was. "What do you mean? I don't see any…."-she cut her words short when she noticed a group of gigantic wolves stalking closer to where she was, when she looked back at her friend she noticed the sly grin he had on his lips "Oh I love it when prey smells of fear, makes them taste so much better"

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* Waking up from a weird dream Emelynn sat up half asleep on her king sized bed, looking aggrievedly at the alarm that she forgot to turn off last night. "Today is my first day of Summer, why do I have to be up so early, stupid alarm" she grumbled as she went flopped back to bed only to be woken up five minutes later by the doorbell sound. "Sirius, show me the front door"-she said drowsily and annoyed. The Flat screen tv turned on and the view from the front of her villa appeared. A tall and strong back was reflecting on the camera, she recognized it at a glance. "Hey Rhys" she greeted the young man. Her best friend turned around and looked at the camera. Wearing a buttoned up black shirt with matching trousers and a white tie, he smiled and said, "I know you forgot that today was graduation young lady". "Oh sh*t"-she cursed and rapidly went to the bathroom to get ready for the ceremony.

"And this culminates the graduation ceremony...Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 20XX!"-said the voice of the principal through the speakers of the stadium. All the graduated students cheered and threw their caps into the air. Emelynn walked towards her smiling grandparents with Rhys and they both received a plushie each. "You guys should get your friends to sign the plushies and keep it as a memento"-said grandma Knox while beaming proudly at her granddaughter and Rhys. "Old lady, did you forget about taking a picture?" Grandpa Knox asked teasingly "Look at me, and my old brain, come, come let's take a picture of this wonderful memory of you guys reaching a milestone" Grandma Knox grabbed the camera and began to direct Lynn and Rhys to pose for it, taking pictures non-stop like a professional photographer. At the side Ella stood while taking all of this affectionate atmosphere in, feeling a bit left out; she called out to Rhys affectionately and asked to take a picture with him by themselves. He agreed, and Ella was excited at once. While Ella and Rhys took a couple of pictures together Lynn waited until they were finished to drag Rhys back to their class to get their cute plushies signed by their teachers and friends. After all was said and done, they regrouped with the family and went out to dinner to celebrate the graduation and honors the kids brought. After the ceremony ended and all the goodbyes, the family decided to eat at one of the finest restaurants that Ruby City had to offer; which happens to belong to one of Rhy's maternal uncles. "It's my treat," said Rhys, smiling slyly towards Lynn. She just elbowed him hard on the ribs and laughed while walking like she owned the place. She's been here so many times before that the staff recognized her and her family right away. "The private room is ready for you esteemed sirs and madams"-said the maître d' while waving down a waiter to take them to the second floor where dinner will be served. Many people waiting were unhappy that someone skipped the que but no one dared to voice their opinions out of fear of being kicked out of this 3 star Michelin restaurant.

After a sumptuous dinner Lynn waved goodbye to her grandparents and cousin to go home, Rhys stayed at the restaurant to talk to his Uncle. Before letting her go Rhys warned both Lynn and Ella about the recent unsolved spree of violent attacks towards unguarded young women in the city, and told them to be careful. Emelynn didn't pay much attention, she knew self defense and was pretty strong for a young lady, so she started playing with her phone, ignoring the nagging Rhys. After she promised not to go out late at night by herself she hailed a cab and headed home. The Driver tried making flirty conversations with her which she ignored. She logged in to her social media to post a few pictures of the ceremony and the food they just ate, and scrolled through the comments, passing the time till she got home. When she arrived at her small villa that her grandparents gave her as a gift, she paid her fare and got out. The Moon was at the Waxing Gibbous phase. It was still early in the night so the moon was pretty low still, but it was clear and beautiful. Most of the Moon's brightness has come into view, and the Moon appeared brighter in the sky. Its light drew her in like a magnet, making her go in a daze. After it got covered by clouds she woke up from her daydream. "Huh, weird" shaking her head she went into her small villa and closed the door tightly.

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