Luna : The Crescent Crest Elementalist
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Luna : The Crescent Crest Elementalist


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What is Luna : The Crescent Crest Elementalist

Read Luna : The Crescent Crest Elementalist novel written by the author C1yde on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering weaktostrong, mystery, vampire, crossdressing. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Fable, a company that became famous after revealing the possession of ‘The Six Great Fables’ soon to be ‘Seven’, which are portals connected to unknown places full of mana stones and others. But… the successor of Fable is missing? --- In a world where the power of elements and crests exist, she was picked up by her foster parents. They treated her as if she's their child. But happiness didn't last long, her loved ones were taken from her without even realizing it until she was at the brink of death. --- Years passed, everyone came to know a powerful elementalist with snow-white hair who always wore a white mask. People who have met this figure said he has eyes that are red like crimson and he called himself 'Luna'. One day, 'The Seven Great Fables' started to change, discovering signs of lives far in it?


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Writing 7/10 Storyline 11/10 Update stability 8/10 Character Design 10/10 World background 15/10 Anyway I really like it. Vampire will always be my thing. A VAMPIRE FEMALE LEAD? TAKE MY MONEY! lol just kidding I'm broke atm.


A phenomenal read! I really enjoyed reading this book, the flow, the characters, everything was extremely well rounded. Just a few grammar mistakes, but at the end of the day, it didn't hinder the flow of the novel. Good work!


First of all Loving the story plot. Liked how you explained more on the crest, elements and the story flow is lovely. ✨ Character designs are a top notch! hope you keep writing cause it's a good book!🌹


Writing is a little immature but understandable,story concept is interesting, character design was reveal bit by bit? waiting for the whole world background reveal which would take a while? haha, anyway it would be popular one day, keep improving!


[img=recommend]It is a good one. Keep going!! I’m looking forward the next one. Can‘t wait!!! 😇😇😇 Btw this is my first one that I‘ve read here.


Female lead novel isn't my thing but it's a great read. The plot is interesting with element and crest power back ground. World background is still mysterious because of the man who came out of the portal. Keep up the good work I guess.


Loving the chapters till now, interesting element and crest power set up. Keep up the good work. ...


This chapters are absolutely great and worth Reading. There may br some spelling mistake but each chapter improved day by day. Keep working on progress. Nice!


Wrote it to help the book rating appear for author,a good friend of mine who always tell stories and never wrote a proper one. Finally write it properly now huh, Good luck with your book :) don't come and spoil me about it too I will cut you off from friend list Lol jk.


Not bad I can see a great start!! Me and my always bad luck finding novels to my liking always at early start. Any plan to mass release? ...


I really liked the starting of the story and character and world development. The concept is new and refreshing which males the story more interesting. Good work author.


I would like to see more detail, as there isn't enough to pull me into the story. Second paragraph in the prologue describes a man who is wearing all black, being chased by others in similar clothing. All this with baby in tow. You describe that he is injured, but I can't bring myself to believe that his life is in jeopardy from his actions. I believe that you can elaborate and apply these details later in the chapter. Perfect example of this is when he actives the Shadow Trap. You just have him mumble- you can have: 'he closed his eyes, breathing heavily as he directed mana into his shadow.' You can also use this to describe how he might be running out of mana and how he's gradually getting worse the longer he runs. The backstory of magic and how not everyone can use them seems dry to me. It's an interesting hook, but can be approved upon. And I did have a problem with people's reactions not being genuine. Perfect example is when Anna tells James that she feels intruders and he doesn't clue into it. I also see switches between past tense and present tense a lot.


Awesome character background and world settings. Author has really done a great job in this book and each chapter is more enticing than the last one. Be sure to check out her other short novel too guys. You guys are in for a treat XD


It has a pretty interesting concept. Keep writing , Clyde. You're doing a great job. Excited for more chapters! This book has got a lot of potential. And you've got a great synopsis. ( ꈍᴗꈍ)( ꈍᴗꈍ)( ꈍᴗꈍ)


I saw many errors on writing but after author made the editing period on all the chapters, it was really polished. I got hooked reading it again. Please upload more!


Love it, keep improving! .


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