1 Reincarnation

Hey i'm Xiao Qiangwei and i'm a cultivator or 'was' a cultivator ,right now i'm in the process of rebirthing and making my perfect body so i'll be back after that.


10 minutes later


Alright i'm back and i found something amazing. Lucky aura. It's the most legendary condition and I have it now also other good news I have all my treasures still in my soul.

Alright I'm gonna start cultivation ... hah? I can't cultivate.

Soul:*Ding* You can't cultivate because you have unlocked the legendary skill of 'Walking Talent Upgradation'

Huh what's that guess i'll found out once I'm out.


9 months later


Alright looks like I'm getting birthed.

"Awwwww look at my baby. He's so cute. He also has one strand of silver-white hair sticking out." Said Xiao Qiangwei's new mom. Her name is Xiao Rong.

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