1 who am i?

Hy im Elanor Vanimelda Evergreen, im an elf i have platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. I just turned 18 years old im in 7th year at hogwards. Being an elf is not easy there are a lot of elf hunters hunting for our ears, powers they want it all. 7 years ago there was a war my mom and dad sent me to albus dumbeldore with 3 other elf's. With a note saying that we were no longer save hunters had found our town and were killing the elf's. When i arrived on my horse there we're 3 men who looked shocked i looked older then 11 so i got that part. and i did have my sword on my back so that could look weird. I remember a half-giant Hagrid wanting to help me of my horse but i jump of on my own. When getting down i grab a small bag while sobbing a litle. A old man walked to me as i make my hores run away. Were are your friends? he asked i looked at the man "hopefully alive somewhere i said having a straight face not wanting to remember the screams while they cut of there ears. i was able to run away from the hunters. A woman runs up to me what makes me pull out my swored, it turned blue what meant it was in elf hands. Dear im not gonna hurt you, she said softly i looked at her weirdly and said sorry old habits. I said as lower my swored its okay dear, she said smiling i did not smile back i just could not do that.

Albus took me to my room Dumbeldore? Yes? I would like to have a minute to pray for my friends outside is that okay? Ofcourse but i will have to sent 2 teachers with you... Fine.... i said grabbing a picture of the 4 of us. Mcgonagall or as i have to call her Minerva was going to come with me and professor Snape. We walked to the lake as i get on my knees i started to grap a flower as i sigh...

I cast a spell, around us Came Blue and red smoke. as i said.

Oh, misty eye of the mountain below

Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls

And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke

Keep watching over Durin's sons.If this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together

Calling out father, stand by and we will

Calling out father, oh

Prepare as we will

as i said this my eyes were red it meant i was looking through there eyes but because minerva and snape were with me they could see it to.

Oh should my people fall, then surely I'll do the same

Calling out father, oh

And if the night is burning, I will cover my eyes

For if the dark returns, then my brothers will die

And with that shadow upon the ground, I hear my people screaming out.

as i said that we were blocked out what meant they were dead. snape looked at me with sad eyes and asked what just happend? When we saw them they were alive but when we got blocked out they died i said getting up..... im gonna go back to my room good... n...night i said as my voice broke and run to my room.

7years later....

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