98 98 - Chad

'Lilly, do you remember what you said?' Noah asked.

The little snake that was looking around curiously, turned to Noah and looked him in the eye with a little bit of exasperation before answering, 'Yes...'

'And do you remember why you said that?' Noah said mentally as he raised an eyebrow.

'I kind of remember, but I also don't remember at the same time,' Little Lilly replied as she let out a breath.

Hearing her answer mentally, Noah was a little confused by what she meant, but she soon ended his confusion when she continued to answer the question he asked.

'I remember that I said that because some inner instinct of mine told me that I was far superior to that comparison, and that I could not leave it as it was, that I should say that I was a noble and powerful demon, to not be compared to a low-level monster like a vampire. But I don't know why I have that instinct which told me to say that,' she said.

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