47 47 - This Time, Opponent

'It seems this game can be as fun as it is useful for people,' Noah thought with satisfaction as he remembered the experience of the past game, however, what he really wanted to experience was playing against other players.

The Valorwatch interface was very intuitive, especially since the game tried to bring a Blessed experience to people who had no Blessings, the interface was very similar to the GBC application interface that the Blessed Ones used to find Fortresses.

When opening the menu, the only difference that Noah noticed was that instead of looking for a Fortress, the game offered players to look for matches: ranked or normal games. Noah knew he had nothing to lose, besides that if the level of the players was equal to the level of the Blessed Ones that were in the tutorial it would be an extremely easy victory.

It didn't take long to find a ranked match. Noah obviously accepted and waited for the portal to absorb him.

In a few seconds the sensation of falling appeared again, taking Noah to a place that looked like an abandoned city.

[Welcome to North Montpel. The selected mode is {Objective Control}.]

This mode did not appear in the tutorial that Noah participated in, but that was not a problem for him, since the name of the mode itself was already self-explanatory.

Looking to the side, Noah saw once again that his team's appearance was extremely doubtful. There was a boy dressed as a priest, an iron robot, a boxer, and an alien. From the quality of their clothes and their appearance, Noah knew very well that it was not possible to make those characters using only the free options. 'Apparently the game company makes a lot more money than I thought...' Noah thought.

Initially Noah did not know where the control points they were supposed to control were, but when looking at the sky he noticed three large white rays of light. Knowing that there was no countdown before the match started, Noah was already running towards one of the checkpoints.

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Noah, being one of the great defenders of how important information was, the first opportunity he had he teleported on top of a building then moving along the highest possible terrain to learn and understand the layout of the city as he approached the objective.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, a little pig was running between the buildings heading towards one of the checkpoints.

After the tutorial game ended, the only thing that the PigMan live chat was talking about was that strange devil. They knew how rare it was for the high-ranking Blessed to create new accounts to raise their rank, so seeing not just one (the PigMan), but two high-ranking Blessed Ones climbing a secondary account was pretty rare to happen, especially after seeing how useful and practical that devil's Blessing was.

PigMan viewers didn't just follow him, in fact the number of streamers they followed was at least in the tens, and almost everyone had high rankings. They knew that due to the skill that the devil had he also had a high rank, but strangely nobody in the chat had recognized him or his Blessing. They were sure that if they had seen that player in any match before they would remember it because of how unique and useful his skill was.

Unfortunately, neither the devil nor PigMan was interested in adding themselves to the friendliest, so the only thing they could do was pay attention to when they were watching someone's game playing in high rank so that someone might recognize the devil, as it would be very difficult for both to find each other using these low rank accounts. And that public certainty only came to pass when they saw that the devil had not appeared among PigMan's team.

Just as in the previous match, PigMan, without speaking to anyone, just ran towards one of the control points in order to try to guarantee the victory of the match. However, he did this while limiting his own strength to Rank F.

Because of the Blessing of agility he had, PigMan knew that no one would arrive before him at the control point and ran quickly to the center there, so that the game system could begin to achieve and control that goal.

The progress bar started to rise.







So far, no one appeared. At this point PigMan had already started to be suspicious. Even if the players in this rank were newbies, they were not so stupid as to leave a free point and just go to the other two points.


No one had shown up yet. PigMan was on full alert. Even though he reduced his strength so that it could match the strength of a Rank F player, this was not possible with the reflex he had trained for so many years playing in high rank and breaking into Fortresses; this was something he couldn't turn on and off as simple as a switch.

And it was exactly these reflexes that he trained that enabled PigMan to react when he felt a strange burning sensation in his back. It wasn't as hot as a fireball, but it was something related to fire, of that PigMan was sure. In the short period he deduced that it could be a jet of flame that someone was throwing at him, PigMan quickly took a step to the side while turning on his back.

But what the little piggy saw in front of him was not the flaming ability that he believed he would have deflected, but a black dagger being wielded by the red devil that PigMan had recently met.

As he took a simple step to the side believing that this would be enough to dodge the fireball he supposed was coming towards him, PigMan did not move far enough away to dodge the devil's melee attack.

That deathly sharp dagger sliced ​​through the little pig's head as it just fell backwards before turning into particles of energy and dissolving in the air.

Upon understanding that he had died to that devil, PigMan was excited. He had already experienced what it was like to fight alongside that devil, and he knew very well how reliable he was as a companion. Now, he wanted to know how threatening he could be as an opponent.

- My god, it was the devil again! -

- I knew it! The two are destined to meet again, it is logical that this would happen! -

- kill him! kill him! kill him! kill him! kill him! kill him! -

- The devil !!!!!!!!!! -

Seeing the reaction of the chat, PigMan knew that they were having a lot of hype for the next confrontation he would have against that devil. He couldn't lose in front of so many spectators twice in a row without at least showing what he was capable of.

"Okay guys, it looks like we're going to have to break our little rule a little bit. During the battles against that devil I'm not going to hold back anymore," PigMan said in an excited tone. It was not only his audience who wanted to see the confrontation between the two again, PigMan also wanted to see what he could do against that player. "But I'm not going to use all my power right away. First, I'm going to need to find out what his real strength is."

- Woaaaah !!! -


- PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp -

- Start your bets! I believe PigMan will win. -

- The devil's blessing is very powerful and unpredictable, I suppose he will win. -

Meanwhile, at the checkpoint, Noah, who had no idea that thousands of people were placing bets on his battle against that familiar piggy, hid on top of one of the buildings again. But instead of teleporting up there, Noah used the stairs this time to save energy.

Using the advantage of the upper ground and that the control point had already been mastered by him, Noah was watching the point as a hunter observed the trap he had set for his prey, and this time, the prey just so happened to be a pig...


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