20 20 - Maggy

Looking at his cell phone, Noah saw that he had received a message from his friend, or rather, his only friend, Carlos.

[Carlos: Heey buddy, how r u doing?]

Being a lonely person, Noah never bothered to make new friends, but he always valued people who really cared about him, and Carlos was one of those people. Even though he knew that Noah was a Blessed Rank F and that Noah had no money, Carlos never despised Noah or treated him badly because of it.

Carlos was part of the population that had not awakened a Blessing, but for him it did not matter, since even if he received a Rank C Blessing, his family would not have allowed him to invade Fortresses to become stronger. They had an automobile company; it could be said that most of the automobiles across the country were manufactured by Carlos's parents. So even if he invaded Rank C Fortresses every day and survived, he would hardly be able to earn more money than by running the family business.

But despite having a lot of money and a promising future ahead, Carlos never treated Noah badly. If it weren't for Noah being too stubborn, he would have even offered to give Noah a salary and help him pay his little sister's bill, but he never accepted.

Noah knew how important a true friendship was after seeing countless people turn their backs on him when the Blessing he awoke was only Rank F. He didn't want the friendship he developed and built with Carlos to end because of money, so he never accepted any money from Carlos. The only chance he would take money from his friend would be if his little sister was in danger and he didn't have the money to look after her, but he still hadn't reached that point.

[Noah: Yo, just going to visit Maggy, and you?]

[Carlos: Ohh, I miss visiting her, tell her that I sent a hug!]

[Noah: I'll tell her, thank you. :)]

[Carlos: My parents are organizing a party here at home, but you know how boring I think these parties are, so how bout you come here tonight? At least with you here I can have a laugh. XD]

[Noah: Today was a stressful day, I had some problems at the fortress, I think going out for a while will be good for me, you can count on me.]

[Carlos: Great! You can come here around 7:00 pm, if you need me I can even help you with Woober.]

[Noah: It's okay, I still have some money with me, I can pay for a Woober myself, see you later. O/]

[Carlos: See ya!]

When the conversation ended Noah saw that the next bus stop was his, so when he got off the public transport, he was happy to be able to go out with Carlos for a while to clear his mind. Even though he was excited about the system he received and the infinite possibilities of what could happen to him, Noah knew it was not very healthy to be alone after going to a Fortress where more than half of the party's Blessed had died in front of him.

One of the most requested professions nowadays was the profession of psychologist, since many Blessed people tended to develop trauma after seeing so many deaths and going through so many dangerous situations. The danger they faced physically was risky, but after seeing how much depression was growing among the population, the government went on to finance several public psychologists and develop various incentive programs for people to consult with psychologists, especially the Blessed Ones.

It can be said that Carlos played the role of a psychologist for Noah, since they always talked about various things. Besides, when they were together, they always found a way to make the problems disappear without relying on drink or some toxic substance.

Arriving at the hospital, the nurses instantly recognized Noah, primarily because he was a frequent visitor, but mainly because of his appearance, which always attracted a lot of attention when he arrived.

When the attendant saw the 20-year-old man coming towards her, with his short black hair falling over his eyes and that tight outfit that defined the compact muscles of his body extremely well, she couldn't help but smile at him and say in a sweet voice, "Hi Noah! Have you come to visit Maggy again?"

Seeing the friendly attendant who always treated him so well, Noah broke into a small smile and replied to her, "Yes. Is she still in the same room?" Noah could be very cruel to people who treated him badly, but to people who treated him well he made it a point to treat them back as well as he was treated.

"Yes, yes. Room 501. The doctor said that she insisted that he wake her when it was 5 minutes before visiting hours started so she could spend time with you again," The nurse said as she looked at Noah with a smile.

"My god, I'm going to have to have another conversation with her about this. She needs to rest. Thanks for letting me know, Ellie." Noah smiled at her and waved as he left.

Seeing Noah leave, the attendant named Ellie broke into a smile as she watched him walk elegantly towards the elevators to visit his little sister.

She was hired at the hospital 3 years ago, and since she was hired, every week she had seen that young man come to visit his sister at least a few times. "Oh if I were a little younger..." she sighed.

"You are not the only one who wanted to be younger because of him, Ellie." The other attendant let out a little laugh as she pointed with her head towards the other people looking in the hospital hall.

Ellie looked around and couldn't help but laugh when she realized that there were at least 10 people following Noah with a look of disappointment in their eyes as he walked away. Noah himself had become accustomed to those looks over time, so he instinctively ignored all the less important ones.

Walking down the familiar path, Noah greeted all the familiar faces of the people who politely waved at him until he arrived at the door of room 501.

Looking inside, Noah saw a beautiful 6-year-old girl sitting on the bed while looking out the window. She had completely black and straight hair just like his. Her skin was very pale, not because she was naturally so white, but because she hadn't left that room in years. As the window was opposite the door, Noah couldn't see her face, but he knew very well how cute she was and was sure she had an anxious look on her face as she looked out, probably hoping to catch a glimpse of him arriving.

Knowing that she was distracted, Noah approached her silently and came very close to her ear before saying in a low voice. "Who are you looking for out there?"

Having heard a voice so close to her, Maggy was so frightened that if her body were not so weak from her disease she would surely have jumped out of bed instantly.

When she got scared, Maggy looked back in fright, but when she saw that it was Noah in front of her, that look turned into a look of extremely cute happiness. "Noaaaah!!!!" she screamed as she wrapped her little arms around his neck to give her brother a hug. "I was looking for you!"

Noah at that moment also had a huge smile on his face as he hugged his little sister back. Seeing her so weak already made his heart ache, even more after seeing her expending so much energy just because she was excited that he came to visit her, even though he visited several times a week. "Calm down; you can't spend a lot of energy. Otherwise how can we talk and play today?"

Hearing what Noah said, Maggy was undecided for a while without knowing if it was worth it or not to stop hugging her brother so hard, but after a few seconds she finally released him, excited to be able to talk to him and hear him tell about the adventures he lived.

Of course, Noah never told her the dangerous and scary things that happened in the Fortresses; he just told the best and most exciting parts, as if it were a story book.

Maggy loved to hear everything her brother had to say, and this time was no different. Every word Noah said, Maggy paid attention to as if it were a royal decree. And so the siblings spent a few carefree hours, just talking and playing some small games.

Looking at Maggy sleeping with her head propped on his lap, Noah spoke softly. "Don't worry, Maggy. I'll take care of you; I'll get you out of here healthy in no time..."


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