105 105 - First Blood

"Are you done with the photo shoot?" Carlos asked Noah with a mocking look that was clearly false.

Noah looked at his friend and instead of just making fun of him like the other times they always did, this time Noah just sat on the chair and took something to drink in order to get some rest.

Although they were in a virtual reality world, sitting and drinking something was quite effective in helping him with this problem.

Because of someone who posted their screenshot instantly, more people started showing up to get screenshots with Noah, which at first had been something cool and fun for him, but in 30 minutes it started to get pretty tiring. In 45 minutes Noah felt he needed to urgently rest, while in 55 minutes Noah felt more tired than when he invaded Rank D Fortresses.

Because of this screenshot session, the group almost missed the training schedule, but everyone respected Noah since they also wanted to be like him one day.

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