4 Tear/Fear

As a gentleman, I couldn't leave a woman waiting outside. I invited her in. Gave her water and then, asked her why the hell she was here.

"You don't need to be so aggressive ? Don't you want to talk a bit ? I mean, we didn't see each other for quite a long time." Said the woman calmly.

"...I don't have anything to do with you, Kenndy. What's your purpose of coming here ? Is it money ??"

"Shut up, Lucien. I apologize for playing with you but that's not a reason to insult me."

"Ohh nooo....I'n insulting because you're a good liar."

"How ?!!" Replied with an horriffic expression.

"I'm not that stupid. I pretty much knew all of you back then. Your family situations, your parents divorce, your need of cganging reality, manipulating people.."

"Fuck you !!!! No one's perfect !!! Neither are you. As if a stuck up like you can judge me."

"There..Finally showing your true colors. That's why I'm grateful I never confessed my love to the likes of you..." Said Lucien aggressively.

"....I think I better get going--"

"Too late, Kenndy. The lockdown has started already. Just stay. It won't kill you."

"....Fuck..." Said the woman annoyed.

To be continued...

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