11 Subliminal..

"(Kenndy)....You finally showed your true colours. You are not all that good, Luc."

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"(Lucien)..I'm just doing what is right. I know a bit about laws so, when a persons owes someone else, that person must pay. And I'm just making it easier for you, pay me with your body..."

"(Kenndy)..[Moan]....Reall..y...I feel like its just payback from what I did to you from the past. Come on !...[Moan]....Tell me the fucking truth, will you ?"

"(Lucien)..You moan loudly for someone whose used to it."




I already knew it was just his revenge. Yet, it felt good having his thing in me. All my stress and anxiety went away. He was really what I wanted. Afterall, we were compatible. And I fucked everything up, by being a bitch and being born in a fucking gold digger family.

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