8 pick me..

I know what you are thinking. But I got my reasons. I'm not a whore, just someone trying to survive in this cruel world. My whole lifetime, I've criticized for being different. So, as a way to escape this peer hell put on me since my birth, I had to do what I had to. And I didn't think that my trial through would affect him too. I just, at the moment, thought about myself only. But its not like I owed him something. But if I knew that my choices back then would have brought me here. I would have acted differently.

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My hair done, I waited the night to come.

The moon was up and I was naked in his room. Waiting to get defiled. Waiting to get....

"(Lucien)..You feeling hot or something...? Dress up. I brought 'UNO'. I hope you are still strong as back then."

"(Kenndy)...You....What are you planning ??"

To be continued...

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