7 My Pixie Cut

It wasn't all that long I was residing at Lucien's. I didn't want to cause trouble. But I do wanted to do some of body care. Like my nails, eyes and my hair which became amess after days of no-apecial-care. My hair was my priority number one. But someone's wasn't okay with me using water for more than fifteen minutes. And y'all know who put that rule on, Monsieur Lucien, of course.

"(Lucien)..You better have a good reason if you want me to let you use my water that I Pay. And only money can buy me. Don't try anything else, got it ?"

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Like really, that measly punk. Lashing out at me for no reason. Well, there was a reason behind it. I was Kenndy, the girl he loved but that ignored him. Not like I had a choice. And lying about my identity wasn't my choice either. I was just forced to. I never had the choice to begin with. But its not like I could just tell him that. He already hates me as I am. I just thought of a good lie I could give him for my hair care. And that's how I promised him my body for a whole night. He seemed reluctant at first but accepted the deal.

"(Kenndy)...I got my fucking Puxie Cut. Finally !!!"

To be continued...

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