2 Men In Suits

One week before the Lockdown.

"Hey ? You saw the news this morning ? Apparently, an infected person got in the town. But by the time the policemen hot him. It was too late. He died. And no one knows whom he actually met..." Spoke the man in suits to his friend while sipping some cold tea.

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"I see, I predicted that this pandemic would reach us. But noy that soon. Let's prepare ourselves in case there's a lockdown. Next week I have a date with a girl I never met. If possible, I would like her to stay with me. During the lockdown I mean. She really seemed cool on the phone. There's only a face to face to deal with. Wish me luck.." Replied the other man in suits.

"Good luck, cool nerd."

"Oh shut u--Wait ! I have a phone call."

"Excuse you for leaving...and he didn't even pay the bill. That bastard."



On the phone with his date.

"Hello. I hope I'm not interrupting anything for you. I called to annul our date." Said the girl with a troubling voice.

"Huhh....why ??" Asked the man in suits.

"You don't know...The Prime Minister just announced an official lockdown."

"What ??!! But ?!!!....Hey ! You wanna hang over in my house. Better than a date and I really want to see you. I don't know why but you make my heart flutter." Confessed the man in suits.

"[Laughing]HAHAHA.....we did not even met. You are strange but sure, why not. See you next week...then.."

"Okay..." Said the man in suits so happily.

To be continued...

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