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Was it legal to think of it ? Was it my fault for thinking about it even after ? She left me for my imperfections but was it bad to wish for more ? My life has always been dull. Juggling between school and home, I lived a simple life. But soon, love striked me. As a kid, that feeling I felt was new. Strange. Cuddling. Smooth. That feeling of love wasn't all that bad. Just, the one girl my heart had chosen to care about was already taken. She was already in love with another. They were happy too. And throughout all my scholarship, that feeling of love stayed. I wondered if thinking about her lacing on me was bad. I kept fantasizing over her. I wanted to see her just once looking at me. But she never did. I never existed in her eyes. I was just a nobody loving her in the dark. A nobody who she was bound to never look at and know the existence of. After I realised that my case was hopeless, I plunged myself in the literature. And as uncool as it may seemed, it really helped me. I found a passion. A passion that helped me go past her. I could finally breath on my own. I could finally think on my own. And on that note, I decided to stop thinking by my heart, but by my brain. My name's Lucien Met. I'm a young Lecturer at Harvard University. This is my story. A story where I thought my luck was down but it was actually up. You remember the girl I fell in love with but had a boyfriend. I met her again after twenty two years. And somehow, we managed to get stuck together during the lockdown. Was this finally my cue to confess my feeling or was I dreaming too big ?

To be continued...

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