3 Genuine Lie

Days passed by so quickly that the week ended in a flash. And do not worry, I cleaned the entire house. There's not a peck of dust. Everything is equal to cleansed. It was a must. Soon, the girl I was interested would come and sleep in my house. I couldn't show her old dirty books or even dirt everywhere. It was my first time inviting someone over, and I wanted to do it right.

The day my date had to come over arrived and that same day, I fell sick. Was it my luck that sucked so much that it won't help me in any of my life or was it god itself ? That aside, I forced myself to get up. I wanted today to be memorable for both of us. I didn't want some headache to ruin our moment. I didn't want our first time together to be dull. So I just prepared myself, made dinner, checked everything around over again.

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Then, she arrived. Before my door was her. The one I wanted to see for so long. The one who made me dream. The one who talked sweet. The one I was pretty sure I fell for.

The nervousness built just by staring at my door. I could feel my blood boil from excitement. My head spinning and spinning. My body trembling. Was this what was known as the 'fear of love'. I never thought about it until now but I had expectation. I seriously wanted for this to work. I once loved but it was unrequited. Just a one sided clueless love about a girl who didn't even know me.

"But it was different now. I met Oceane and she was just perfect for me. It was time for me to forget my lonely past. And move on to new horizons. And Oceane was pretty much my cue for this path. Thank you Ocean--"

"Ohh hello. Are you Lucien ? Its Kenndy, a friend of yours from college. But you know me better as Oceane. Thanks for inviting me over.. I really want to know you better.."

"...The fuck ?!!!"

To be continued...

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