6 Conspicously Conspicous..don't you think ?

Rock. A music that enchants everyone's mind into ecstasy. The melody picks up your body and moves it for you. The beat makes you think and budge more rapidly. I know what I'm saying is weird, but its alright. As a writer, the pleasure of freeing the mind and speaking through the fingers is such a pleasure. Be free too. Free yourself from the...the....Well, I don't know. But guess what. It doesn't matter if there's not a way to free yourself from whatever is holding you black. Life is made up of deception and tears, but it us from these types of background that you become stronger. Don't be afraid of losing friends, they need you more than you need them.


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Back in Lucien's house, two hours went by, Kenndy tried to find a way to get out of there. Called Family, Friends, Anyone or anything that was reachable but none replied. And those who did reply could only refuse even when tempted. Their freedom mattered more than saving a good friend. Kenndy left with no other choice stayed in Lucien's house. And the first few hours were already chaotic that they rapidly drew a line, literally a line. Separating them from any sort of contacts.

They even as far as putting some rules on.

•No trespassing allowed

•No abrupt noises allowed on Kenndy's side.

•No trade of goods allowed from Kenndy's side.

•No .....

And it went on like this. But wait a sec !! Why is the rules mostly prohibiting Kenndy ? Is that actually fairplay from Lucien towards Kenndy ?

To be continued...

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