1 The Unfortunate Luciel


Why is this happening?

It's just one mistake.


Her blood red haired flows with the wind as she weakly kneeled to the ground. In front of her is the raging fire, quickly eating her house where she grew up.


A scream rang, breaking the silence through the night. The sparks of fire drown with the sound of the winds. The only sound that can be heard is her despair.

Her throat feels so dry and her eyes have gone tired of all the cries.

Her thoughts swam on how long she's been their slave for years. Those years that have been wasted.

She regretted it.

But there's nothing that can be done now.

They're already gone...

"Finished?" A cold voice breaks her thoughts and she turned to her side.

Her puffy emerald eyes coldly looked at the man beside her. The center of all her sufferings.

If he didn't approached her, she should've been living her life with her family. If he just didn't simply exist, all of this wouldn't happen.

He needs to die.

Her mind went blank and she stared at the piece of wood with a sharp edge near the man.



For my family.

I want to see them.

So he have to die.

She quickly stood up and dived to the ground where the stake is located then pointed it to the man. But the man wasn't fazed to the slightest. He even chuckled at her useless resistance.

"It's futile. You won't bring back the dead by killing me." The man said while spreading his arms widely. Her knees felt week and she trembled from fear. She feels like she's in front of a devil. A devil without mercy.

"Die..." The girl said.

Before she could even move an arrow struck her at the solar plexus. Blood splurged out of her mouth and the hand holding the stake droops down.

Her eyes widen at the sight of another stranger beside the man. She finally figured it out. So that is why they did this.

"Bye! Luciel. Oops, i mean 'fake' Luciel."

Fck them all.

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