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Vol. I : Magicless to Magical - C1 : "Luciel" Part One

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St. Augustine's Church of Queen's Gate, London – 1880

[PP* - Luciel]

   The choir sang their voices devoted to the saviour of all, along with the mass crowds of believers inside the Church at Queen's Gate.

   The a-capellaic hymn of songs were mesmerising and calming to soul, as if you were on bliss as you give your devotion to the destined and already, the savior that will cleanse your soul as you give your outmost, bearing to his name with joy and love.

   Yet, neither was I inside the grand church, nor with the mass or choir as I say this.

   Holding my trusty rake, I gathered all of the scattered leaves of maple trees in the pathways next to the wellside, as I always do it everytime the season of Fall comes.

   My name was Luciel Scarlett Black, and I was an orphan that didn't even know who my father nor mother was.

   With a sigh, of both relief and sadness, I sat down at the long stone near the well, pondering about my almost nonexistent biography.

   I was born at the first day of September at the year 1873, and lived at these church's free room since that day.

   Well, at least when my Mama Rachel wasn't going to her old house near the mountains to visit my adoptive grandfather and grandmother. Her full name was Rachel Howenheiser.

   Yes, I was adopted by none other than Rachel, and even I don't bore hatred to my mother and father, I'm proud that I was with Rachel all of this time.

   Right now, I'm past 6 and reaching 7 just a few months from now on, Rachel were already past her twenties since she's already 26 in November 13th this year.

   To be honest, Rachel were a bit of overjoyed whenever I call her as "Mama", I guess that's a perk(?) or something she really wants to hear since... let's just say that she's unfortunate to have a fruitful lovelife.

Poor Mama, I bet the boy that rejected her were too blind to found her beautiful I guess(?)

'Hah, who would be head over heels at that brute woman, I bet no one?' I thought and before I know it, I secretly (f*cked) trap myself up.


[PP* - Rachel]


   "Who... nevermind asking, I knew who did talk bad about me." wiping off my sneezy nose, I said menacingly with a certain brown haired kid in mind. My fellow sisters looked at me worried and one even prayed for the kid's survival after the problem sprouting behind his back.

I won't hold back~

Back to Luciel...

[PP* - Luciel]


   "Summoned the demon?" I only muttered in fear, while I wobbly stand up and continued my job faster than normal.

   'You can't catch me!' I screamed internally knowing how would I end up if I got caught by Mama.

I already know what would I will ended up if you catch me so no, no, NO!

   Anyways... I need to spoke some words for appeasement, hope this would work.

   My Mama had a voluptuous body, her black hair, green eyes, and milky white skin were enthralling to see, especially when she were in night gown~

   Well, most of the sister's here were admiring her body, since she developed(?) large balloons in her front, the hourglass body of hers were popular to them even it was hidden in her sacred robes.

   Luckily, I spend my first five years sleeping with her and saw the prized sight of her glorious balloons jiggling like my favorite jello. I guess she's still appealing to the male teenagers and adults that go in the church to pray, but sadly for them, she rejected their invitations all since she was devoted to the Church and not for a man.

About me, I don't want nor I would have such thoughts about my Mama like that. She's my mama afterall.

   Talk about myself, I'm pretty sure that I'm no ordinary kid.

   Ever since I learned the alphabet in 2, I started to learn words whether it was difficult to spoke or hard to understand in 3 by reading normal books, rhymes, or tales. Then after that, I started my studying about more difficult things like mathematics, literature, history, bible, and even law, of course with the help of the books I either borrowed in the libraries that were near at the church or on Pastor Benson's bookshelf.

   And that was when I was only 4, not to speak about 5 until now since it would be belittling the prodigies and all.

   But, I believe that I had myself steps away than my peers, not that I'm prideful but I see that I'm far more likely adult in terms of thinking than my peers who liked to play hide-and-seek and other games than reading books.

   Mama Rachel even called me as a "bookworm" and I don't mind it since I know that I was, like if allowed, I would even sleep inside a library for all I care.

   I was often called as "mature" by my elders and Mama, even Pastor Ben likes my enthusiasm about books.

   Knowledge is the weapon I could only hone with all my might, if I quote myself with a motto.

   Other than my hobby of reading books, I also like to clean my surroundings too. Other than me and the few kids in the choir, I'm the only one that loved to help elders in cleaning the church.

   About me not participating the choir, I just don't like singing since it irritates my throat.

   Not to mention, I also dislike talking much verbally. I'd rather talk in signs than talk loudly, since I thought that it would disrupt my "self peace" more than others beig noisy.

   So to say, I mostly talk less words than others.

   To be honest, I like being direct and not like dodging words after words, so that means I don't like to tell more about myself more than a hundred words but... nevermind.

   Anyways, I do have a messy short brown hair, amethyst eyes and snow white skin which maybe the result of me being seldomly going out in summer days...

   My height were still 4'4" and have a skinny body, though I could lift a large table with much effort.

   Back to the present, I finished my cleaning and with my rake and other tools, left the area to return the tools back at the storage room.

   After that, I was on my way back inside the church, and were walking sneakily in the hall when...

   "Where do you think you're going?"


   My fearsome mama were... here, and good gods... her aura!

   "N-Nowhere! I'm going back to my room...(?)" I mumbled slowly as I sweatdropped from my mischief's effect on me.

I then remembered the first time I've done badmouthing a woman, and I don't want to elaborate it since it's pretty... gruesome to be heard with.

   "Ah... I see, that would make my job easier." she said and literally heard a snapping of wood(?), oh god...

   "I-I remember that it's already time for l-lunch! Y-You're coming a-as well?" I tried to change the topic but she wasn't satisfied, what to do...

   "Ah! Mama Rachel, can you come near for a bit?" I said gambling my life on the line, as my adult fellow males says "a man should not be a coward, only in front of their wives".

   Yet, Mama Rachel is not my wife so...

   "Oh, okay?" she stopped her gratifying aura with a curious look and come closer...


   Only to be shocked when I kissed her cheek, while smiling cheekily. Instantly, her face became flushed and looked embarrassed.

Heh, just so you know. Although I was her "kid", she was more like a young lady fawning over her crush when I'm affectionate to her, blushing like the innocent girl in her hometown when that girl saw a "kiss" from adults that have a string...

   "Wha... Lucy!" she said as she looked at me with baffled and flushed look, I was satisfied to dodge the bullet this time but I'm trying to push her more.

   "Hee? I know you're angry that I forgot to give you a morning kiss yesterday, Is that not enough?"

   Right, that's our routine of waking up. Whether she was the first to wake up or I am, we need to greet each other with a kiss in cheek every morning. Nothing sexual if you ask, since I've read the books of Sister Nina and found that there's a problem if an adult man and woman do that...

   But I'm a kid, right(?). Physically kid, and adult mentally...

   Anyways, because of this "kiss", Mama Rachel became more embarrassed and emotionally unstable when she heard the...

   Oh man, I forgot them.

   "Hoh, so this is what you've been with, Rachel?"

   "Muh, I want some kissy-kissy too from Little Brother!"

   These two, were Sister Clara and her little sister, Ameline. Sister Clara were at the same age as Rachel, but in terms of body...

   I must say that Sister Clara were underdeveloped, like Big Sister Ameline.

'It looks like they were twins, flatboard twins...' I thought sarcastically and cursed myself again at slipping my mental tongue.

   As if on a cue, Big Sister Clara and Big Sister Ameline looked at me with squinted eyes and I sweatdropped.

   "I swear he's thinking bad about us Big Sister..." Ameline said pointing me with accusatory look, Clara nodded.

   "Indeed, sister..."

"Wha... What are you saying, Clara?! Ameline?!" Mama Rachel recovered from her stupor and glared at Clara, with flushed face that made her cuter...

'No, scratch that. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen...' I thought as I felt my Mama's gaze upon me, with dangerous look that made my chastity felt threatened.

   'Goodness, a woman's instincts are terrifying...' I said and before their intuition receive my thoughts, I changed the topic.

   "A-Anyways, let get our lunch! I wonder if there are sweets in dinner though" I said and as expected, the mention of sweets for dinner made the girls mood turn 360 degress, I simply looked and imagined them as 'now hopping like a rabbit' in joy.

And with that, I spend the rest of the day in the hands of this adults.

— — — — — — — — — — — [[CHAPTER END]] — — — — — — — — — — —

Author: Don't mind me, I'm a messy person.