Lubirea Mea

Author: LanaCross23
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What is Lubirea Mea

Read ‘Lubirea Mea’ Online for Free, written by the author LanaCross23, This book is a Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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All around the world, girls are taken for gold diggers; a gold digger is a person who loves to have money or anything that is expensive like cars or big houses, with the easy way. If we look at it from this side, everybody is a gold digger since everyone is after money to live, everyone dreams to have a big house and his own expensive car and maybe very expensive, everyone wants the easy life that money makes but then, why are girls only taken for gold diggers most of the time? Well maybe it's because since the life started, men are the hard workers, they have the responsibility of taking care of the house and if there is a wife and children it's another level of responsibility, as for women, they had the choice either to work or not since their parents or husband take care of them, they just take care of the house and the children; but if they get a rich man, they won't even need to do that anymore, they'll live like queens. Nowadays, it's not the case anymore, both men and women are working, there are even women that are hard workers and hate to depend on anyone but there are still people who think that women still want that easy life without work, they just have to hunt the right rich guy, this way they'll have the easy life; there's no way to deny the presence of these persons but making all women the same, this is a mistake that many people does and so did Gerard DIAS. ‐--------------------------------------- Gerard shouted again: "Fine. I'm Gerard by the way", She answered while getting away: "Shally".

Mia_Kaii · Teen
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