2 Chapter 1

Current events...

- How long have we been waiting?

- About... - the Asian raised his right hand to check the time on his wrist and saw that it was half-past noon. Sighing under the arm of mala, he got up from the chair pulling it back with his legs, and moved away from the round wooden table scaring the girl who was next to him. With a determined step he approached the window looking at the cold night behind the glass with a frown - It's half-past twelve. No one is coming and that asshole of that vampire is outside doing what.

- Isaac already said he would look around in case he saw someone - tried to calm down the young brunette who was rolling her eyes -, besides, maybe it's Lua who called us here.

- Impossible, she quit - he said sure to turn around and look at her incredulously - besides it would be stupid for her to come back. She abandoned us, and you know it better than me Jessie. I think we were taken for a ride.

- Whatever - she glared at him - can you just sit down, Jo? You're getting on my nerves...

- Not until I know what the hell is going on...

- What are you talking about now? - the white complexioned one appeared at Jo's side, startling her a bit by how sudden it was to hear his voice next to her, like his presence.

Jo, reluctantly adjusting her leather jacket in front of the white one's face, folded her arms with her chin raised. The white-skinned man sighed wearily, shook his head as he turned his gaze to Jessie.

-Lua isn't, her smell isn't among all these things and you know it Jes - the mentioned nodded her head lowering her gaze on the table, then the white complexioned one looked at Jo with some annoyance - if it bothers you so much to be here why don't you leave? - Jo was speechless, not knowing what to answer since he was curious like everyone else. Isaac smiled sideways for a few seconds and then let out a sigh and looked around the room - Did you find anything?

- No - Jo answered with annoyance as she walked away towards a small shelf with quite old and dusty books -, they are old books in French but they have been here for quite a long time by the looks of it, besides there is no activity in the other things. Even the bed smells bad.

- True, quite dusty and musty - Jessie assured -, no other scent is picked up, apart from the odd bug. It's abandoned here.

- You didn't pick up anything around here either? - Isaac asked confused.

Everyone took a second of silence thinking of some logic to what was going on. Isaac looked at Jessie and Jo who were quite focused, glanced at the four walls around them: a dusty bed, a shelf with grimy books, a dishwashing sink but no dishes, a table, and three chairs as if they were waiting for them. Plus a burning fireplace. Isaac's eyes flickered quite a bit until he pointed his head in that direction catching Jessie's attention.

- What's going on?

- If this is abandoned and nothing is showing, who the hell lit the fireplace? - I asked and they both looked in the same direction as well.

- Oh, it was me - the three of them were surprised to pick up yet another voice in the cabin. Alertly they moved away preparing for a possible fight but were more surprised to see a 50-something-year-old witch looking at them with a rather calm and friendly smile - relax guys, I won't do anything to you.

- Of course. Who are you? - asked Jo clenching her two fists rather tightly.

The woman smiled sideways to look at Isaac who narrowed his eyes wondering what the woman wanted.

- They call me Margareth, I'm a psychic witch so you shouldn't worry - Isaac looked at the boys waiting for some reaction from them who were quite confused. Turning his gaze back to the witch, she was leaning on the wall with her arms crossed, still with a radiant smile on her face - I am also the one who summons them to this hut.

- For what purpose? - Jo asked again.

- For what purpose? - the woman laughed lightly making Jo's and Jessie's skin crawl, Isaac remained quite calm as if alert for her answers to know if she was lying or not - Well... it's the same purpose you were chosen for 11 years ago: the Damnatorum book.

- Because of the book? - Isaac looked at the boy for a second, stopping his formation and returning to observe the witch - The book is burned. Made ashes rather, we destroyed it.

- I'm afraid not Isaac - I inform him shaking his head softly.

- We all witnessed it being eliminated ma'am - Jessie's voice sounded confident as Jo's affirmation.

The woman kept quiet watching everyone with seriousness and confusion, giving her quite intrigued by Isaac's reaction.

- The slayer, why isn't she with you?

- Did you send her a message too? - Jessie asked lowering her guard in hope.

- No, honey, but I would like to know why he doesn't continue with the chosen ones.

- Personal issues - Isaac said quickly before his companions mentioned anything -. Are we talking about the book, what does Lua have to do with it?

- I guess it has something to do with it - he said seriously looking at the six pairs of eyes in front of him -, the book was changed.

- Impossible, it's burned - mentioned Jo annoyed.

- Are they 100% sure it was burned? - They nodded in agreement with that question - Who was it that threw the book in the fire?

-Lua - they said in unison, making the old witch smile again.

-And who checked that it was the book and not another one? - None of them could answer anything since that book and that responsibility was left to Lua for a simple reason, she was the only person who didn't feel the overwhelming sensation of power in that book being a human - Something tells me that none of them knows what that book contains.

-I saw it - Isaac spoke - I didn't understand its content because of that strange language and drawings. But none of them indeed checked it before he threw it into the fire, but that doesn't prove anything and Lua is not a suspect.

-How sure you are, Mr. Evenson. And if... I was to say that I have proof that your dear friend has that book?

Between the three of them, they looked at each other not very convinced and doubtful about the situation. Between them, they knew perfectly well that Lua was not capable of doing such a thing, that the mission of burning the book was paramount for her, and from the short time they lived with her they knew perfectly well that she was not the type of person who would put others in danger. But with all this information they weren't sure now if she was the same Lua they knew. The three of them looked at the woman and without waiting for any response, she took off from the wall, waving her hand in the direction of the door. As if by magic the presence of a vampire came out of nowhere and it wasn't long before a vampire with half of her face disfigured from a large burn. That was quite surprising to the three of them since they had it well understood and confirmed that after a burn the skin recomposes itself.

-This is a nice demonstration of what the book can do.

-I'm sure it's makeup - Jo said without thinking twice and then laughed ironically, which annoyed the vampire.

-You think it's fake? It's real! No one could put my face back together, least of all me alone. I'm also talking about my companions who ended up dead because of that damned slayer... - I hiss with rage when I remember her.

-She can't have done such a thing, she's human - Jessie assured - humans don't use magic. She least of all...

-Well, if you're sure - the witch looked at the vampire who sighed and then nodded her head and knelt in front of her - I'll show you that it's not so.

The woman put her right hand on the center of her forehead, saying something in a low voice. Under the attentive gaze of the chosen ones they were surprised when a green cloud came out of the vampire's head showing a scene in which she was with two other boys climbing a building and then sneaking onto a balcony. Two silhouettes could be seen, one was of a man and the other of a woman, the latter disappeared from the field of vision. The man walked to a door turning on the door light. The vampires who were standing at the window entered noiselessly, one of them went in the direction where the woman had gone and the other two where the man had gone. They entered what looked like a bathroom and the man, who just by looking at it for a few seconds realized that he was a native and had his back to them, but seeing the reflection in the glass tried to attack them with a flare that hit none of them. She only got them to balance on top of her and they ended up biting her in both jugulars and scratching part of her body until the three fell to the ground, but when the vampire looked up when she felt heat, she saw how her companion remained static surrounded by flames and soon after by ashes. The frightened vampire turned her head to find a girl with bright white eyes, a book wide open and a flare in her hand that she did not hesitate to throw hurting her face, struggling to get out who strangely did not follow her and just ran away.

The cloud of memory was gradually disappearing leaving everything in complete silence. The chosen ones had recognized the girl, a little changed than the last time they saw each other but it was her... Isaac could not understand what the memory of that woman showed a Lua as if she was too powerful, besides the native who was a sorcerer, what was she doing with him?

-All this... - Isaac began to speak with some doubt capturing everyone's attention - when did that happen?

Both the witch and the vampire looked at each other and then gave her permission to speak. She looked at the chosen ones with a sigh and could answer her with sincerity.

-Eight years ago - both women saw the confused faces of the chosen ones, knowing from their expressions that it was quite rare that they were being warned at this time - I know what you think...but we have tried so far to get it back but she is too cunning. Now and then she changes her home and her house is too secure for us to dare to enter because of the thousands of traps, more than one of us got hurt and we had no choice but to resort to you...

-That is why you are here. You already took the book once, I don't think it will be difficult for you to get it back - said the witch this time.

-We'll just take the book then - said Isaac.

-No - Isaac frowned when she denied him, observing the serious and important face of that which - You have to bring her before me, she has to undergo interrogation and a trial - he looked at each of the chosen ones -. You have one month to bring her to me, otherwise, you will be the ones to undergo the trial for treason to the goddess and the red order.

-We have not betrayed anyone! - cried, Jo.

-Then bring her in. We'll be in touch.

And after a few seconds, everything went dark...

I opened my eyes slightly to find myself falling asleep on my desk. I ran my hands over my face trying to shake off the sleepy, nervous feeling I had in my chest. This was bad...


I looked up quickly to find my adorable little boy peeking in the doorway sleepy and a little scared, at least it seemed that way to me. I smiled tenderly beckoning him to look and he soon came running over to sit on my lap and settled on my chest to close his eyes as he hugged me somewhat tightly.

-A nightmare honey? - he nodded his head.

-They looked a little like the knights in the story you tell me, but there was an evil being and it seemed to be screaming at them... -he pulled away slightly to look at me with those semi slitted, blue eyes like mine -they said they were going to come after you.

I didn't know what to answer to that, it wasn't the first time I had these visions, Koda. Even if they were a bit fanciful they were visions after all. I watched every detail of his face, he was the spitting image of his father... Except for his blue eyes and slight sorrows in his cheeks. They made him unique and truly beautiful. I smiled tenderly to bring him close to me again to kiss his forehead lovingly and move the swivel chair sideways to cradle him.

-Sleep my life. Nothing and nobody will come here, I assure you...

-Yes mommy...

It didn't take him long to fall asleep again, he looked like a real angel. The table vibrated indicating it was my phone so I picked it up carefully observing Dona's message.


Honey, are you okay? Did nothing happen? I could see that they will come, the time is near.....


We saw it but don't worry, everything is fine at the moment. I don't think it will take them less than three days to find me. As soon as they come we will go home, prepare the rooms, please.


Yes, rest. Let me know of anything.

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I put my phone down on the table sighing and leaning my head against Koda's head. In the end...yes I will see him again..

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