LUA -The Transference Book

novel - Sci-fi

LUA -The Transference


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Mankind, incapable of reaching beyond their solar sphere, unsurprisingly, were oblivious to the impending universal apocalypse. That is - until a bright light, deemed "holy" by some, descended from the heavens (stars really) offering all of mankind a choice: live a few more peaceful years, then, die a terrible, absolutely horrible death. Or, struggle to survive elsewhere, with a chance of boundless prosperity. 'It was quite the enticing offer', were the thoughts of Michael Bonandarte, a young college student and video game enthusiast. It was also quite hard to resist an offer from the voice resounding directly into your brain. Like many others, he accepted. But, his expectations were completely shattered by this new Reality. Reincarnated as a small child on a war-torn, scrapyard planet; Michael was left questioning, where his promised "boundless prosperity" was? And what's with all these blue screens that keep popping up? Wait a se-What the?! This isn't a game, is it?!!! //////////////////////////////////////////