1 Birthday Celebration

Different cars of great monetary value trooped into a very huge mansion. Starting from the huge gates, there were several men in black stationed at different posts around and inside the mansion.

Stepping out of their cars were people dressed in various luxurious outfits. The ladies looked particularly stunning in their long and short beautiful dresses.

The men were all dressed in a different colour of tuxedos and tie as they each held a beautiful lady and walked into the mansion.

Inside the big mansion was a huge hall beautifully decorated and designed with chandeliers, painting and various other decorations.

Towards the staircase, a man in his late fifties with a stylishly combed black hair adorned with a few strands of grey hair that showcase his age was neatly dressed in a blue tuxedo with sparkling designs on it.

At his side was another man of similar age. His dark hair was combed towards the back, with a singular strand of grey hair and black tuxedo.

Both men were had a great figure and height, which could be seen from the woman standing in front of them as she reached them up to their chest and had to strain her neck backwards to look at the men.

She wore a sparkling blue gown that accentuated her spectacular curve for her age, with gold pieces of jewelry to match.

She looked young but often when she laughed, the wrinkles were formed around her eyes, marring her perfectly V-shaped charming face.

As they chatted away, a young girl dressed in a tucked in White short sleeve and a black fitted short skirt and black heels, with a tray of half-filled glass cups in her hand, walked passed them.

"Come," the lady in blue called her, beckoning on her with her hand.

The young girl obeyed and turned in their direction.


"Where is my Princess? Isn't she down yet?" The lady asked in a concerned tone.

"I haven't seen the Young Lady, ma'am." Her gentle voice showing etched with a curtsey and her eyes dropped as she addressed the elegant looking lady in front of her.

"That's okay, you can go."

With a wave of her hand, she dismissed the serving girl and returned her gaze at the men.

"What is the matter, Selena?" The man in the blue tuxedo asked, inching closer to the lady and wrapping his arm around her slim waist to pull her in.

"It is nothing. It is just that, she is taking time with her dressing," she replied to the man, her clear blue eyes shining with worry as she looked into his perfect black ones.

Just then, a young man dressed in an all-black outfit and black shade to match approached the duo.

"Sir, it is time for your speech," he announced with a bow to them.

"Ah! Yes. I would be there in four minutes," he replied in a calm yet commanding tone.

"Yes sir."

With that the bodyguard let them to tend to other matters.

"My darling I need to go," he officially told her, as though she wasn't just present when the news was brought to him.

With a smile on her face, she replied to him, " Get going now, the guest are awaiting their Lord. I would go get your little Princess in time for the announcement."


Before she could reply, he pressed his lips against hers and kissed her lightly on the lips, completely ignoring the presence of the other man.

After some seconds, he released his hold on her and withdrew his lips from hers. Turning to the man at his side, he said, "Old friend, I would be right back."

"As your wife said, get going. We have all evening to ourselves," the second man said with a chuckle.

With a smile plastered on their faces, the couple excused themselves and parted ways.


In one of the rooms upstairs, a young lady is seen sitting in front of a mirror, with three other young girls attending to her.

One of the girls focused on applying makeup to her face and the others fixed her jewelries.

Eyes blinked before opening to stare at her reflection in the mirror. What stared right back at her was a stunning image of herself.

Her long silver hair was in curls and left to cascade down her back. She had a perfect asymmetrical heart-shaped face with neatly carved eyebrows, straight small pointed nose to adorn her beautiful face and perfect pert pink lips to complete the ensemble.

By the time she got up, they had a clear view of her outfit.

She wore a silver body fitted gown with a halter neck that left her shinning white hands exposed and a long slit up to her thighs that exposed her soft long legs.

"Wow!" Two of the girls gasped upon seeing her completely dressed self.

She was a peerless beauty, to begin with, the makeup and outfit did little to bring it out.

Suddenly the doors pushed open and the lady in blue stepped in.

The girl in question turned at the sudden intrusion, her sparkling ocean blue eyes lighting up with a smile when she noticed who it was.


"Oh my! You look particularly stunning, Princess," the lady in blue complimented as she moved further into the room.

Immediately, all the girls in the room bowed their heads to her and exited the room except one girl.

She was dressed in a short black handless body hugged gown with her straight black hair falling freely over her right shoulder and simple makeup to go with it.

Standing close to each other, one would see the striking resemblance between the two ladies. The same perfect sexy eight curve, nice hot backside and C-cup firm breasts with slender looking legs.

Both had their silver hair in the same style reaching them just a little above their butt.

"Thanks, mother, you look beautiful too."

"Isn't that great," she said with a smile, her eyes blinking from the sheer delight of being praised by her daughter.

"Anyways, you would soon be called. Your father is giving his speech," she informed her.

The young lady let out a soft sigh, her eyes leaving her mother's to look elsewhere.

"It's okay. I understand. You would do great," she said to her daughter lovingly, the moment she noticed her grip her gown at her side.

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It was a habit she had when she was nervous.

"Jade Frost, you can do this." Reaching for her hand and holding it in hers, the older lady assured her.

"Yes, mother."

"Good. Catch your breath, I would give you a minute, then you head downstairs. I need to be with your father when he gives his speech."

"Thank you, mum."

"Anything for my Princess."

She turned to the side and gestured for the other girl to leave with her.

As soon as the door closed behind them, she said, "Watch out."

"Yes, My Lady."


Downstairs in the big hall, everyone chatted away as the man went to stand on the stairs with a glass of wine in his hands. It was time for his speech.

"Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, Lord Frost would now give his speech," a voice announced.

Immediately all side talks and noise silenced down as their attention and gazes were fixed on one man.

"A pleasant evening to everyone present here today. I'd like to say a big thank you for gracing this occasion, my sixtieth birthday, with your presence..."

Somewhere at a corner, a man whispered to one of the serving girls, it was the same girl that the lady talked to earlier. "It is time."

She gave him a nod and proceeded away from the hall.

"I would like my darling wife, Mrs Eva Frostto join me up here for the big announcement," he said with a smile and gestured for her to come up.

The moment her feet climbed unto the fist staircase...


Everyone's eyes widened in horror at the sight in front of them. The jovial fun Mr Frost that just addressed them, suddenly stopped moving as a bullet wound appeared on his forehead.


It was when his body fell and Mrs Frost screamed at the top of her lungs that everyone panicked and rushed out in a frenzy.

But before they could get to the door, several gunmen stood by the entrance blocking their path.


All heads turned as they heard a shot from behind them. Right before their eyes, Mrs Frost clutched her stomach and fell to the ground. Her shining blue dress now smeared with her blood. Her eyes wide open and mouth agape as her body went still.

The next minute, some of the serving boys and girls threw away their trays and brought out guns.



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