1 Chapter 1: Killjoy

The sound of rain pelting against the window panes filled the gloomy room with a rhythm. The sky a vengeful dark hue of grey, black and blue. The sound of crackling thunder prompting the coming of lightning that would paint the clouds with glowing white roots, its flashes illuminating the face buried behind a book, with vibrant red irises completely overtaken by the words imbued against the dull ivory pages.

Those scarlet eyes accentuating his raven tresses, that flowed against a sculpted body clad in what could be mistaken as royal fabrics. There he was in his study, seated in a plush chair engulfed with gold accented arms. A single candle lit on his desk - bright enough to bring out the shades and highlights that contoured his striking face. Olive skin, pale lips, and a clean shave. He was the epitome of handsome - but dauntingly cold.

The storm outside would scare any common person to the core but for Florian Romani, this was his most cherished season of all where he could hide in his study, completely entranced by a single book.

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"Sevas," Florian's voice bellowed out from his study, a beckoning to the head of the Pleiades. His most trusted ally, his confidant, and his sword.

With a creak of the door revealed a woman too vigorous for her age and simply too harsh in the face to smile. Her hands pushed against the door behind her to softly close it for his privacy.

"Yes, my liege?" Her humble eyes befell the ground as she leaned forward in proper greeting to her master.

"Fetch me my astronomy books." He gave her a single command without his eyes leaving the peculiar book he read fervently. Without hesitance, she had swiftly plucked away the particular books from the shelf and in an effortless manner placed them gently on the desk. He skimmed through them faster than she could - and had been studying in between five books as she stood before his desk waiting for his commands.

"Will that be all, Sire?" Her words fell on deaf ears.

Too lost in thought he had forgotten her presence, it was as if he were a child when he studied, completely in awed by words more than people - she wished a great peace like this forever. "I will take my leave..." She withdrew from the room, a wistful smile on her face as she cautiously peered through the gap in the door, catching a glimpse of the gold titled book before shutting it completely.

The Heroes, it read. She shook her head quietly to herself, treading into the long hall, her footsteps fading away with her.

The evening had come, and he had lost track of time curious to see the story to an end, hoping to perhaps keep the peace in the air as it was and to not be disturbed. And it hadn't been until he was on the final chapter - the most awaited chapter that chaos broke loose.

"Master! Master- there's been an incident in your domain!" Gaslas came sprinting into the study, drenched in rain and out of breath, an eerie feeling overtaking him - with Sevas hot on his tail.

"My liege, please forgive me - I had requested for him to keep his manners at bay."

"Attend your affairs, Sevas. " A displeased sigh left Florian's lips, his eyes finally leaving the book. He stood up quietly. If there was one thing he hated that would be mannerless idiots. Like Gaslas of Elva.

"If you must interrupt my precious time please do so in an orderly fashion." Florian's distaste flared, calmly placing the book onto a frame, an irate aura leaving his body- he hated being interrupted. He gazed out into the window next to his desk, his arms crossed, as he collected his thoughts. His silhouette a daunting frame - striking a sense of dominance and fear over Gaslas.

"I do apologize but this incident - it's the townsfolk, Sir. And it is utmost urgent sir- if you wish you may punish me later but it requires your audience."

"What incident?" His brow furrowed onto his displeased, he felt what was coming next was going to make him hate Gaslas even more because he knew peace in his life was such a short-lived dream.

Someone had to be a killjoy today.

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