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Read LOVING MY ENEMY! ARISH AND ELINA'S SAGA novel written by the author Anime_Drama_1310 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A serial killer falls in love with a queen name Elina. Cold wave attacking the skin, the black cloud seems like downpours right now. And the day becomes dark. Police are standing surrounding him about 15 meters away. He is in the center, standing alone. His mask is on his face as usual it was, blood is dripping from his hand, hoddy on his head with a cap. The whole earth who always wanted to see this serial killer face, can they see it! The breath of policemen can be heard by them. He takes off his mask. The police get close one step closer. Cause of darkness, his face is not clear but he was smiling it was sure. A call comes and is ordered to shoot. Police pull their gun, place their finger on the trigger, shouting 1..2..3, and start to shoot him like raindrops...he falls. Pushing Elina on the ground she laughs in disgust and says "See, I am the one who is going to be the queen and this woman is only an ordinary human." Before pressing her neck too hard. Blood drops from her neck. Elina thinks how could not she save him whom she dearly loved for the first time in her life and now she is going to die like this. Leaving Elina on the ground, seeing her tears she says "See me while taking the throne and you would die after that." At the moment while touching the throne a dark power enters the palace. No one could not move, even could not use their power. Everyone realizes that this power only belongs to the shadow queen. While everyone is thinking that and getting goosebumps. Elina gets up, her hair is burning in black power. She walks towards the throne and places it on her head for which she was waiting for years. Crossing her legs she sits and says "HELLO EVERYONE! LONG TIME NO SEE." Arish is the future king of the northern palace. He has the golden power of heaven. He has been punished for a reason in the human realm. He has to kill 99 sinners or if someone kills him for their own amenities he can come back instant. For killing 56 humans in the human realm he becomes a serial killer in the human world. Everyone thinks he can't take the throne. But he will go back to his realm as the king of the Northern Palace. Elina is the shadow queen and a great warrior and her beauty know no bound. But she was dethroned. She has grumpy behavior. She doesn't have sympathy or love for anyone. She hates humans. For killing queen Aria of the southern palace, betrayed by some people of the realm, she has been punished to go to the human realm without any of her power. She can come back if she understands the pain of a human and love. Arish and Elina are both of their enemies for a reason( secret XD). In the human realm, when she tried to find her ability she met with a serial killer and It was Arish. They fall in love with each other madly. But when Elina gets her ability she comes to know that the person she loves so deeply is her enemy. At the same time, Arish comes to know that Elina is that girl he never wanted to meet. Wanna know what will happen? BETWEEN THOSE TWO LOVERS WHEN THEY WILL FIND OUT THAT THEY ARE THE ENEMIES OF EACH OTHER.


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