1 Fight or give up

There is a point in your life when you are getting betrayed by someone you love and trust with your life. Have you ever ask yourself if you will continue or stop loving someone?

Cris and Jade a couple who starts being friend. They both didn't expect that they will end up being together.

But as time goes by people change, love can turn to hate. After facing many problems just to be together.A betrayal will make Jade asked herself will she fight for her family or give up?

-----------------------------------------------------------------Jade start working to support her self because she want to continue studying. Her goal is to earn and save as much as she can before enrolling to college. But it did not go as she plan.

While is she working an emergency call change all her plan. Her father got into an accident and in a critical condition. The company let her go to the hospital. She can't stop crying worryine wgat will happen to them if they lose her father, it takes few hours before she reach the hospital. She felt relieved when her mother told her that the first operation succeed but her father may not be able to walk again. Seeing her mother weak she try to be strong, her family need her now since his father can't provide their daily needs anymore.

She didn't stay in the hospital for long because she need to work the nextday. She just left some money for her father needs.

That night she give up getting to college. She work harder for her family in few months she become regular worker in their company. From that time everything went well for her. She move in a new apartment she feel lucky because the rent is cheaper. But she didn't expect that she will also find a new love in that place.

On her day off she decide to do her laundry but theres no water she can use. She try to walk around and found a place where she can get a water. while waiting for her container to be full a guy splash a cold water to her. She got mad and glare into that guy, the guy felt guilty and apologize to her he explain that is a part of a tradition in that place. She didn't believe at first but after checking her surroundings she accepted the apology..

"Let me help you carry those container" the guy smile to her.

"No need i can manage"

"it's okay, you can treat me some snacks after"

"If you insist"Jade take the offer. From there a new love is going bloom.

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