loving and hating you at same time Book

novel - Romance

loving and hating you at same time


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Jade and Cris love each other so much that they are willing to stay with each other without getting married. But because of Cris job they got seperated for whole five years. In the first year being seperated they often talk with each other until Cris rarely calling her and her daugther. She felt sadness and having doubt with Cris. She herself not sure what will happen to them even if she is receiving money from him she still feel something is not right until the day she discover that the man she loves so much is now living with another woman while telling her he love her and wait until he come back. Being betray with the man she love she doesn't know if he will give up or still fight for her family. She can't deny that she is still loving and hating the Cris at the same time.