Loving A Vampire Hunter
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Loving A Vampire Hunter


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What is Loving A Vampire Hunter

Loving A Vampire Hunter is a popular web novel written by the author THE_WORDSMITH, covering VAMPIRE, ROMANCE, COMEDY, WEALTHYCHARACTERS, REVENGE, CEO, POSSESSIVECHARACTERS, FIRSTLOVE, R18, HAREM, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 40K readers with an average rating of 4.93/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 69 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A battle between desiring bodies and the rivalry, which will finally win?  The girl was Victoria Vlad, the princess of the Vlad Family and the only pureblood among them in a millennium. The boy who just left her disheartened was Bones Smith, a Half breed Vampire.  His origins were a mystery and he only had one identity, the hunter. Victoria was a pureblood vampire, while Bones was a half-breed vampire, who hunted her kind. •••  She held his pale face in her palms and leaned to kiss him, just as their lips were about to touch each other.  The man slapped the girl in front of him and warned in a cold voice. “Try not to appear in my sight again, pure Blood. I don’t want to kill you...just yet.” The girl sat there on the gloomy grounds of the graveyard as the man walked away. She was enraged at his audacity, how dare that man to reject her charm! She yelled, filled with rage. “Half breed, you better not cross paths with me or I will make you match your pathetic name.” 'I will make sure you still whisper it on lonely nights.' The man vowed to himself.  ••• The cover doesn't belong to me. So please comment if you want me to take it down.

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A battle between vampire kinds can stir up the most interesting tale. This story definitely has a beautiful way of twisting fate and bringing two different yet similar kinds together. The cover, synopsis and the story itself have drawn enough attention for me to keep flipping through the pages, wondering what fate lies ahead of each character. I hope and wish to see the part where these kinds can reconcile and start a new future.


Vlad, the origin of vampires. Good to see something really interesting better than cliche vampire romances. Bones and Victoria both characters are well made and quite catchy. it looks like the story will become more interesting with every episodes.


I like no! I dont but I love the book, the characters and everything about it. Kudos to the Writer for real he's a Wordsmith. Its very epic.


Truthfully, this book is a good catch even though the number of chapters is very few. I'm already in love with the writing style it keeps you hooked. I'm looking forward to future plot development.☜(゚ヮ゚☜)(☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Well as always...this time too the author has such quality detailed writing, the characters are good I like the role of Bones, and how the outside world calls him a hunter. All in all the chapters are quality chapters!! All the best author with your future updates ^^


This story is so well written! It hooks you right from the beginning, the characters and story is really great. I didn't know men could write romance so well until I saw this.


Reveal spoiler


The characters are well developed. The plot is interesting, to say the least. I like how the Bones and Victoria bounce off each other. I am a sucker for enemies to lover troop so a vampire hunting half-blood vampire and a pureblood vampire falling in love is <3. I can not wait for more and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did!


What a masterpiece I have come across with🤩. Victoria, a pure blood vampire is a strong female character with such a cool personality😍 though it is still building and I can see how intriguing it is read the chapters and wait for the next. Bones, a half breed has a well build character by the author-San. In the synopsis, I can see the intriguing relationship between the two. I Wanna see how their romance will bloom and flourish😍. Want more chapters. All the best for spirity.


The plotline is very fresh and the characters are very unique. There are a whole lot of twists in this story that I was not expecting, ergo, good job to the author in this aspect. However, the author still needs to pay slight attention to tenses and word usage. Keep the plot going the way it is - it's perfect!


Pretty fascinating, I have to say. I enjoyed the reading so far. Their births are interesting, but I can't say too much about the background and story development, since it has few chapters, but I like how the author describes their relationships. Normally, the hierarchy is different for a half-bred; the ML is cool, and the FL. She had made none big move that left a deep impression on me, but like I said before, it has few chapters. But for sure, it has a lot of potential! Hope to read more soon. [img=recommend][img=update]


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