"What are you planning to do???" The Ghost inquires, staring at the investigator with a vacant expression.

With a bullhead look, the investigator walks towards the Ghost and points at him with his finger, "Stay here and don't kill InSu."

The Ghost smiles devilishly with his eyes filled with harmful intent, "If you leave me here, I'm going to kill him."

"If you kill Yong Insu, I'm going to give Ms. Han your home address." The investigator sneers, teasing the ghost with the persistent therapist.

"Yah!!!" The Ghost exclaims with his eyes enlarged by anger.

"Sssshhhhh!!! Be quiet!!!" SungMin put his finger between his lips and mischievously smiled before leaving the room.

The investigator feels amused by the unexpected reaction from the Ghost. It surprisingly gives him a way to annoy the entity whenever he gets impatient waiting for the right suspect to turn up. Sungmin doesn't understand why a charming young woman like Ms. Han will follow a nightmare but he suddenly becomes interested in the connection between the two stubborn kids.

Sungmin tiptoes walking down the hallway, expecting he will see the therapist strutting around the hospital searching for the Ghost. When he abruptly stops from striding along the quiet aisle towards the elevator.

The sound of footsteps pauses. It isn't his. His heart beating loud in his chest heightens his senses from other noises surrounding him, And he knows it didn't come from the Ghost. Detective Sungmin suddenly veers around to catch the individual behind him.

"WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME???" The investigator yelled.

"Sorry, sir. The hospital management told me to make rounds at this floor." The security personnel in white and blue uniform answers.

The investigator whiff an air of relief from his ribs as he meets an elderly guard working diligently at the hospital. His broad shoulder and great posture give him an authoritative presence.

"I'm Detective Lee Sungmin, head investigator to Lee Yejoon's case." The investigator introduces himself, "Have you seen a woman, around 5 feet and 4 inches, long black hair, thin lips, small thin nose, and thick brows???"

The guard quickly shrugs his head to answer with a short, "No, sir."

"Okay, thank you." Sungmin swivels his body around to leave the security guard.

"Detective, maybe I can help you look for her. I'm the head of security here at the hospital and I know every corner of this place. It's easier for me to search the grounds for her." The security personnel suggests with an eager smile to help out the investigator.

"You have a point." Sungmin answers, "Her name is Han Soojin, she's Lee Yejoon's psychologist and she might help us with the case."

"I'll search for her at the psych department. I'll ask the admitting desk to page you sir if I find her." The elderly man nods his head.

"Thank you." Detective Sungmin bows at the elder security as a reply, "What's your name, sir?"

"Mok Chulmoo." The hospital patrol conveys before swerving around to start searching for the therapist.

Detective Sungmin paces towards the elevator to find Ms. Han on the ground floor where the emergency room is at. He remembers leaving the therapist at that department to watch over the kid who was in a traumatic attack.

Meanwhile, Soojin stretches her delicate arm to introduce herself to the Head Nurse standing in front of her near the admitting desk.

"My name is Han Soojin. I'm Lee Yejoon's psychologist." The therapist softly announces to the elderly woman wearing a white dress as a uniform.

The Head Nurse carefully glares at Ms. Han from head to feet. Eyebrow raising with pursing lips while studying the charming face of the therapist.

Soojin notices the intimidating look. She knows Lee Yejoon was afraid of the woman for a reason but she only had a glance of the head nurse from her former client. Short stares with fear. Yejoon suppressed any memories he had with Ms. Mok Mihi that the therapist was not able to grasp the name of the head nurse every time she had a session with him.

'What's your relationship with Lee Yejoon, Ms. Mok Mihi,' Soojin asked in her mind.

The Head Nurse reaches for the therapist's hand with her clear dominant voice, "I am Mok Mihi, the Head Nurse of this Hospital,"

Soojin gasps deeply as she holds the elderly woman's cold hand in her warm palm. The electrifying rush of memory from the surface of her skin running to every strand of her nerves and into her brain is like a swirling sense of light hangover forcing her to take a glimpse of memories of someone else.

[A tall man carrying a large box of cookies, helping the head nurse to distribute them to children admitted at the hospital is smiling gallantly.

"Thank you for volunteering to help me today, Nurse Lee," Mihi mutters with her eyes brightly sparkling while gazing at the man with a pair of clear spectacles.

"It's alright, Head Nurse Mok. If you need any assistance, please don't be shy to call me." Yejoon widely curves his lips into a smile to express his sincerity.

"Call me, Nurse Mihi." The elderly nurse timidly arches her rims, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No, but I have someone I like and she's older than me," Nurse Lee confesses with flushing cheeks.

Mihi reddens assuming she's the older woman the young male nurse was referring to. She never had someone express admiration towards her openly and coming from a younger good-looking man, it was a great compliment even compared to her husband, Chulmoo.]

Soojin holds on to Nurse Mok's hand longer. She needed to discover more information from the elderly woman. There are questions still unanswered from the memory she received from the head nurse.

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[Mihi writing her message to a card:

My dear Yejoon,

I miss your laughter whenever we're together. I know why you suddenly stop talking to me—]

The memory abruptly stops when Nurse Mihi snatches her hand away from Soojin's tight grasp.

"Why are you here Ms. Han?" Nurse Mok questions the therapist's motives.

The head nurse's face express doubt by narrowing her eyes. It's unethical for a psychologist to be at the workplace of her client even if he passed away. Unless there is an important issue at hand, Ms. Han shouldn't be lingering at

"I'm Yong InSu's friend and I think whoever killed Mr. Lee will also kill him," Soojin confesses to the head nurse.

The elderly woman's face shifts from a tough look to a worrying superior. Nurse Yong was Yejoon's best friend and she wants to protect him from the murderer.

A man in a blue and white suit comes in to approach them. His black hair cleanly gelled and brushed up gives him an authoritative aura. The lines on his forehead and under his eyes make him look old yet his stance expresses the capability of a young man.

"Perfect timing, Supervisor Mok Chulmoo. Can you ask for the security to guard Nurse Yong's room?" The head nurse pleads at the man in uniform. "Ms. Han Soojin says there's someone who will try to kill Nurse Yong."

"Detective Sungmin said the same thing." Supervisor Mok confirms the therapist's information.

"You met Detective SungMin?!?" Soojin asks with her eyes looking relieved by the news.

"Yes, he told me he's going to the basement to meet someone there." The head of security replies, lifting his chin with his fingers, "Want me to take you there, Ms. Han?"

"Yes, thank you, Supervisor Mok," Soojin nods her head with a charming smile on her face.

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