The man creases his forehead and glares at the woman who clasps and pinches his hand. When the woman started to shake her arm, he grabbed it violently out of her grasp.

"I-I'm sorry!" Soojin apologizes when the man forcefully takes his hand out of her clutch, realizing her embarrassing gesture. She not only pinched the man's hand but, she also shook it like it would fall off. 

He ignores the woman's plea and curls his lips into a sneer. The young man opens the door and leaves the room without taking another glimpse of the therapist with a weird gesture.

"Mr. Lee, we have another session next week!" Soojin yells as she follows the man walking in the hall and down the stairs of the facility.

"Who's that?" A tall man asks while scratching his thin beard. He stares at the woman standing at the door of her office.

"One of my clients," Soojin replies, turning her face around to see the man behind her and crossing her arms around her chest.

"What's his case?" The man continues to inquire while mimicking the woman's gesture of crossing arms around the chest. His wide shoulders become noticeable through the white shirt that he wears. 

"Why are you curious? Do you want to take his case, Dr. Ma?" Soojin raises a question and scans the man standing in front of her.

Dr. Ma Dohyun stands with great posture and physics at the age of forty with his hair and a beard on his face a mix of white and black hair. His eyes are gentle and deep yet his thick brows make his face express strictness.

"Did he just runoff from your session?" Dr. Ma points the patient with his head.

"No, he got scared of me," Soojin giggles in an awkward way while looking down at her feet.

"He's scared of beautiful women?" Dr. Ma tries to compliment his subordinate to cheer the woman up.

"No." Soojin flushes her cheeks when the senior psychiatrist tries to show fondness. 

Soojin has read the doctor's mind and learns he is sincere with his affection for her but breaking their protocol as subordinates is not her only problem.

She doesn't feel the same way towards the man. 

Her heart needs to beat too, not only her mind, Soojin thought.

"Oh, I forgot. I have to ask for a session with you later if you don't mind, Dr. Ma." Soojin consults the senior who is standing as her psychiatrist as well.

"Sure. What is it about?" The doctor stares at her with low worried eyes and eyebrows ruffling.

"I had a dream again last night." Soojin's eyes gaze down. Fearful about it could mean that her nightmares are coming to haunt her back.

π - π - π

Mr. Lee Yejoon walks across the road to get to the black car parked outside. A man with white hair and a beard sits patiently at the driver's side. When the young man gets in, the driver hurriedly starts the engine and moves the car out onto the highway.

"Did you find out anything?" The white-haired man asks, while his eyes focus on driving on the road.

"Yes. It's the best friend." Yejoon answers, setting his weight on his elbow against the car door at the passenger side.

"Are you sure?" The man asks again. They can't make the mistake of killing the wrong person who is not guilty of anything.

"It's not the lover or her husband. We both checked out they were at a dinner party with friends." The young man hunches his back at the seat of the car and closes his eyes to rest. He feels his energy depleted whenever they have a mission to finish.

"So the best friend killed the guy. He must have found out about his best friend's relationship with her mother." The white-haired man tries to deduce the murderer's reason to kill.

"Yes." Yejoon answers with his eyes still close 

"I don't get why he has to kill him." The older man turns his face to stare at Yejoon who opens his eyes when he hears the white-haired man's question.

"It's not our job to know why. It's our job to know who." Yejoon opens his eyes and stares at the people they pass through in the street. Freely walking to live their life the way they wish to be while they live in the mystery of constant revenge.

"Right. Then the guy can finally rest in peace." The older man curls his lips to express his disappointment. He takes a glance at the young man beside him.

He looks innocent with his face, but he kills to get revenge.

π - π - π

"What do you see in your dream?" Dr. Ma asks, opening his notebook to take notes of his session with his patient.

"The same as before, my father's old house." Soojin answers while staring at her pale hands. Recalling the image of her nightmare makes her body tremble with fear.

"What are you doing in your father's old house?" Dr. Ma scours the details of the dream. He could interpret the woman's subconscious if he has the information he needs.

"I walked downstairs from my room and I saw the antiques he collects." The woman keeps her eyes down and focused on remembering the images of her dream 

"And then?" The man starts to write down notes from the woman's story.

"I-I got scared. I saw the hallway and the door coming right at me… like…slowly reaching to grab me." Soojin lifts her head and looks at the doctor taking notes of their conversation.

"Did the door open." Dr. Ma inquires and takes a glimpse of the woman sitting across the room. He looks away from gazing at the beauty and simplicity that the therapist expresses and reminds himself to be professional.

"No." She let her eyes stare straight up to the doctor crouching at the chair opposite hers. Soojin doesn't want to reveal what she saw at the open door and pretends to tell the truth to her psychiatrist.

"Are you not curious to know what's inside?" The doctor asks, writing her answer.

"No." Soojin continues to make a stern stare. Lying will make her psychiatrist stop asking her to disclose the scene.

"Soojin, these dreams will continue if you don't open the door." Dr. Ma explains, he wants to hide his concern for the woman yet his eyes divulge his true feelings.

"I know." The woman stares at her palm and begins to pinch the fleshy part of her fingers.

"Don't be afraid. You have friends that can help you." The psychiatrist moves his body to lean closer to the woman.

"Thank you." Soojin nods and flashes a smile. 

She understands why she keeps on suffering because she continues to ignore her past.

"If you are afraid to be alone. You can call me… I mean… I can come over… to talk…" Dr. Ma offers his help, looking away. He knows it's inappropriate for him to offer comfort outside his office but he thought it's not bad to give it a shot.

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"I'll think about it." The therapist nods her head. She wonders if it looks desperate to say yes to the sweet man or is she being picky saying no to him.

"Okay… Think about it." The doctor smiles. It's the first time the woman answered positively to his invitation.

"I'm going to head home, thank you again for the session." Soojin stood up from the chair and brought out her hand for a handshake.

"No problem. I'm your psychiatrist. Call me anytime, anywhere." Dr. Ma replies and shakes the woman's hand.

π - π - π

Soojin goes out of Dr. Ma's office and walks into the lighted hallway from the right-wing of the center on the first floor when the bulbs start to flicker. She stops herself from putting another step forward and feels the cold atmosphere that seeps into her skin giving her goosebumps. 

The lights in the middle where the round couches are, abruptly switch off making the end of the hallway going through the exit get enveloped with strange darkness. Soojin begins to stride forward, with each step bringing a pulse faster to her heart. The silence of the vicinity seems eerie as she passes by the doors of the other offices of her fellow subordinates. 


A man's voice calls her name.

She ceases her phase and stares at the shadow at the end of the hall from a figure she cannot fathom.


The voice appears to be louder.

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