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A very early review, author san give us readers mass amounts of drug...cought ahem I mean chapters. It's like addiction. [img=update][img=update]


It's really an outstanding storyline 👏👏 I recommend this book to read by everyone. The first thing that captured my mind was name of the book "loving the faceless monster" is really catching name. You have created a magical world in your first chapter, dear author. The way your MC works and how MC and ML meets each other is intriguing. Their interaction with each other feels like yes this is how it suppose to happen. Your choices if words, scenario building, characters introduction everything is freaking awesome. I have never read a story like this before. I love the way Soojin is, strong, clever and thoughtful. Your storyline is unique and the way you are unfolding each chapter is really great❤❤❤ I love the part when they try to know about each other...Wow really incredible chapter. Update soon❤❤👍


This story is ............... Unique in one word and movielike in another. The book caught me a little off balance, I didn't expect such feelings when I was reading this book. I surely recommend this, Kudos to Author 🙇🏾‍♂️😗😗😗


The way Soojin is determined to to do anything she finds right makes me feel really amazed 😍… also the fact that she is headstrong and determined 😘… the ghost is really impatient sometimes 😜… also love deceive Lee Sungmin


The personality attitude and behaviour of Soojin is very well described….I also like the Ghost’s personality 😍…. Author this book is awesome 🤩


I’ve read all ten chapters and so far I think its great! I like how the author told the story! Keep up the excellent work! I’m rooting for you! So excited for more!


first chap is perfection. the emotions are there and the start off first person POV is superb.. my only concern were the big paragraphs.. might want to cut them down into small ones i got dizzy just by looking at them but nonetheless, it is a really good novel.


More like a movie like a novel I would rather see it in cinemas because of how wonderful you intrigued the readers with the introduction of your story! Seriously, how would you love someone with a faceless and also a monster at the same time?


Interesting, thrilling to be honest. The writing is very descriptive some scenes bring goosebumps. Nothing can be predicted as of now but the female lead's gift is unique I say. Surely recommended!


The story was epic! By reading few chapters of your novel brings down shivers in my spine! Fantastic work! All I can say is that it might be best if you can edit your synposis. Your synopsis is GOOD. However, I know you can make it better and more flowery like the first part of your chapter. There's this thing concealed behind each word, so do your best to bring out the best out of it! I love your work!


Just finished chapter 1! I love the gloomy/ scary scene! Kudos author! Hashtag: RECOMMENDED! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Oooo! Interesting it is. Thrilling it is. Understand one needs to that a novel it is romantic, yet thrilling. Haha, recommend it! good job author. Waiting for more chapters. 5/5 so far


Just like how a perfectly brewed coffee should be mixed with sugar and cream.. it has the right balance of ingredients to keep one awake to ask for more. The story has quite an intriguing combination of fantasy, thriller, romance and psychological elements that makes readers think to solve the cases themselves.. but not so much since its descriptiveness allows a great deal of imagination to take over that it feels one is in the actual world of the protagonist herself. You have a profound skill in writing that entices your readers, author. Soojin almost makes me imagine Park Shinye running around the streets chasing the male lead. Keep this up, and this will definitely be a classic!