Detective Sungmin's phone suddenly rings in his pocket when the elevator opens. He immediately grabs it and answers the call coming from a fellow investigator who was left at the wreck of the black Dodge Challenger car. When they open the hood, they discover a metal bat with stains of blood.

"So the driver was the one who killed Lee Yejoon???" Detective U Haewon says from the other line.

Detective Sungmin believes the therapist is telling the truth but he doesn't have any evidence to support the woman's perception. Unless he finds concrete proof, everything will be under investigation.

"Check the bat for fingerprints and blood samples first. I want a thorough examination." The investigator orders the officer on the other line.

He drops the call after conveying his instructions to his colleague. The investigator understands the killer is smart not to leave his prints behind on the evidence. Only the blood from Lee Yejoon and the fingerprints of Yong Insu will be discovered from the steel bat they found. He remembers his conversation with Ms. Han.

"Why did Mr. Yong run away???" Detective Sungmin asks the therapist while he stands at the door of the ambulance.

"He was going to check for his bat in his locker room at the hospital." Soojin answers while holding the hand of the unconscious Yong Insu on the stretcher.

Detective Sungmin thinks of Ms. Han's words once more. 

"Yong Insu wants to "check his bat in his locker room"," Sungmin mumbles brushing the thin white beard on his chin.

A notion comes rushing into his mind and he immediately runs towards the guard standing, at the entrance of the hospital.

"Where is Mr. Mok ChulMoo? The head of security of this hospital???" Detective Sungmin asks with an urgent tone.

"He's doing his routine rounds around the vicinity, sir. You won't be able to find him unless we radioed Supervisor Mok." The security personnel answers with his eyes wide with curiosity.

"Do you have CCTV here???" The detective looks around and scans the area for cameras installed above hallways and corners of the ceilings.

"We have one on each aisle except for the patients' rooms." The guard points at the cameras with red blinking lights.

"Do you have one outside the nurse's locker area???" Detectives Sungmin's forehead creases from wanting to immediately find the evidence that can prove Yong Insu's innocence. 

"Yes. Why, sir???" The security personnel asks staring at the man with demanding questions about the cameras.

"Where can I see the recorded videos from the CCTV???" The investigator impatiently questions the man guarding the entrance to the hospital.

"It's outside the supervisor's office, sir." The man in white uniform responds with doubt in his eyes as the man in front of him raises too many questions about the CCTV.

"Can you tell me where Supervisor Mok's office is?" Detective Sungmin pleads while sounding annoyed, "And tell him to meet me at his office."

"The office is at the back of the hospital. It's easier to go down the basement to get there. I'll call Supervisor on the radio." The guard tries to be helpful but still suspicious about the white-haired man, "Can you tell me your name, sir???"

Sungmin grabs his l wallet and shows the security personnel his identification, "I'm Detective Lee Sungmin of Station 6, head investigator to Lee Yejoon's case."

The guard nods and hurriedly reaches for the radio device in his waist and calls for the head of security to meet Detective Sungmin in his office.

In Yong Insu's room, the Ghost impatiently paces himself back and forth in the quiet room. When he gets tired, he steps toward the unconscious man on the bed and glares at the almost half-dead nurse.

"If I were you, I wouldn't wake up anymore." The Ghost whispered in Yong Insu's face, "This world is awfully cruel and not worth living for. I can make you exist in a life you want without these people trying to hurt you with their words and muscles.

The entity let out a wide grin on his face and narrowed his eyes, "All you have to do is nod your head when I ask— ."

"Yejoon??" An elderly woman calls out to the man hovering his face over the patient in slumber.


The demonic image of the entity goes back to its handsome face. He didn't say a word when he swivels his body around slowly with a sad expression and teary eyes. He needs to appear dreadful in front of the elderly nurse who catches him standing beside Yong Insu's bed.

'I don't want another Han Soojin,' The Ghost reminds himself.

The female nurse unhurriedly walks inside the patient's room with eyes gazing straight at him. Longing and wondering at the same time with watery sights keen to drop on the woman's cheek. With only a few steps, his body was tightly wrapped in a warm embrace. The head nurse begins to cry her eyes out at his chest.

"Yejoon?!?" Mihi whispers the dead man's name between her silent wail, "I miss you so much."

The Ghost replied with a comforting hug.

"I'm sorry for telling Mr. Park about you and his wife, Mrs. Yong." The head nurse confesses her guilt, "I was so jealous when I saw the two of you together."

Nurse Mok tightens her embrace, "I know why you love her. Because she's beautiful and rich unlike me.

The head nurse lifts her head and gazes at the image of the man in the demon's body. With both hands clutching the ghost's face she smiles, "But now that you're dead. I'm happy she can't have you. No one can have you."

Yejoon's face gleams with joy. His eyes sparkle staring at the woman who causes harm from coveting someone's lover.

"Do you love me?" The entity asks with his deep voice, caressing the woman's face with the softest touch from his pale cold fingers.

"I love you, Yejoon." Nurse Mok sweetly utters in reply.

The head nurse raises her body to reach for the demon's lips. Carefully brushing her rim against the rigid edges of the deceased. Her heart flutters in happiness as the satisfaction envelops her body. Finally achieving her dream to have the man feel her undying admiration for him.

When the woman sets her feet back on the floor and opens her eyes, Yejoon's face becomes a blurry fraction of skin with no eyes, no nose, and no lips to kiss with.

Nurse Mok steps back with her orifices larger than her eyelids can grip. Slowly scrambling to get away from the cursed spirit that she held in her arms tightly.

The ghost hovers towards the woman in a white dress, pristine and clean unlike the dark heart the woman houses within.

"JEALOUSY. JEALOUSY. JEALOUSY." The entity repeatedly hisses with his skin opening to reveal the sharp teeth in a void trap.

Nurse Mok quickly runs to open the door and shut it forcefully with her quivering hands. She tries to open the door to the adjacent room but it's tightly locked. Fearfully, she opens another door but it's still the same. Impenetrable. Bolted from inside.

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Like the heart that Lee Yejoon has. Close off and yet Nurse Mok wants to selfishly have.

The nurse tries to open another door, and another, and another. Her silent whimper becomes loud as she passes by the closed doors in an eternal hallway of darkness.

"!!!!!HELP ME!!!!!" Nurse Mok screams on top of her lungs.

But no one hears her beg to end the nightmare she wanted.

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