The adamant ghost wearing Lee Yejoon's face runs past the prying crowd. Hearing the detective call him in front of the therapist gives rise to another dilemma. Han Soojin knows who she needs to call to find him. But instead of running away from the scene, Lee Yejoon stayed to learn about the accident.

After blending among the sea of curious bystanders, he darted his gaze towards the black wrecked vehicle. Glaring at the car with bent front-rear embedded on the steel bench of the shed, makes him notice the same resemblance as the one that brought death to the vengeful spirit that resides on him.

Dodge Challenger

And as he expected, the man behind the steering wheel is the victim's best friend, Yong InSu. The ghost secretly watches the police try to awaken the unconscious driver and check his vital status. The bleeding forehead from the sudden hit of the car against the steel bench is all that InSu has in his body. Like a miracle, the man did not receive other injuries.

The police immediately carry the unconscious man towards the parked ambulance. From the vehicle's name, Yejoon learns it came from Seoul Hospital.

After the ambulance left, he hurriedly searched for a vehicle that could take him to the hospital. He thought of stealing a car but realizes it will be hard to steer a four-wheeled vehicle in the middle of heavy traffic that the accident caused on the street.

He needs fast transport and his sight quickly catches a motorcycle parked in front of a store. Within a minute he tries to start the engine by opening the wiring under the ignition switch. When the motorcycle turns on, he grabs the hand clutch and drives away towards the direction where the ambulance went through.

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The ghost needs to get to the hospital where Yong InSu is. An opportunity to kill the perpetrator of the crime without hindrance. He thought of giving the detective a call to inform him of his plan but Detective Lee will be too preoccupied about the accident and he might lose a chance to get ahead.

Taking revenge on Lee Yejoon's death is vital to his existence. If Yong InSu is the killer then he has to pay for his life.

On his way to the hospital, the ghost remembers his dreams of Lee Yejoon.

The tiny enclosure where he lays is pitch black. He crouches to fit his large body while hearing the sound of the engine whirring nearby. When the compartment abruptly bounced, he was tossed at the corner of the wall. He feels nauseated by the movement of the room and senses a painful wound at the back of his head.

When the trunk opens, the surprising strike of light blinded his sight. He couldn't see who unlocked the hood of a black car where he was confined. The person who released him holds a metal bat and before he could take another glimpse, the person shouts his name.

"Lee Yejoon!!! You deserve this fucker!!!"

He was struck hard on the head.

The next scene of the dream is fluid and cold like he was floating in the endless darkness of bitter memories he once holds. He isn't shivering from the icy watery grave where he was thrown but feels a waking hatred towards the man that ended his life without knowing the reason.

Lee Yejoon is alive again.

The ghost wakes up on his bed sensing the agony of a soul searching for justice. The vengeful spirit gradually takes its form in his body. Without consent. Without notice. He's an empty vessel of endless revenge that souls take upon when needed.

His curse. His life. His essence is revenge.

The ghost now wears a new face to avenge the untimely death. 

He quickly searches who he is by the name he remembers the culprit shouting. His social media account easily gave away his employment status. A nurse at Seoul Hospital. From there, he goes to look for his records, home address, mobile phone, and other personal information.

Though he has the image of the man, he seldom acquires their memories. The body retains all the information and the soul only has what it needs, sentiments that shape its spirit.

On the first day of being Lee Yejoon, he immediately goes to his house to gather information about his new identity. He takes the opportunity that no one knows about the nurse's death and he can roam freely.

Lee Yejoon is extremely neat with his items. The clothes in his closet are arranged and stacked well. He has a picture of his parents beside his bed and no dirty magazines on his drawers.

His kitchen hardly has any food in it. The cupboards only have coffee and noodle packs while his refrigerator only has cold beer cans inside it 

The laptop resting at the table at the corner of his room appears to contain secrets of his life and he isn't wrong when he opens the computer and sees pictures of his naked body in different positions.

'An orphan living alone and working to live with all the responsibility doesn't have anyone to lean to but himself,' The ghost said in his mind.

The ghost begins to search the house for money. Lee Yejoon's death can be about the cash he borrowed from loan sharks or scammed a woman. There are many reasons to kill someone and the easiest explanation is greed in their hearts.

While searching for cash, he came across a small note on his desk. A name and address of a woman. Han Soojin. He goes to the phone and dials the number indicated. The call was answered by a woman with a soft voice. She introduces herself as a psychologist in a clinic and asks for his name.

The ghost doesn't know what to say or ask the woman on the other line. But he thought it would help him find out why Lee Yejoon died if he scheduled a session with the therapist.

He regrets it now.

The entity reaches the hospital and parks the motorcycle. He needs to be careful being seen in this place. Lee Yejoon works at the hospital and everyone knows he's dead. It will be a commotion if a patient suddenly yells ghost while he's trying to send Yong InSu in his grave.

The ghost stalks near the door where the employees go in. Looking for a way to get in without being seen. When a truck comes in to deliver toiletries, he carries boxes of them to the storage room and pretends to be an employee. 

He stole a mask from the storage and slipped into the doctor's locker, picking up a white coat and card key he can use.

The entity feels at ease, he goes to the emergency room to search for Yong InSu to finally end his misery. On his way, he took an injection and a bottle of morphine from a rack of medicines carried by a nurse in the hallway.

One by one, the Ghost opens up the separator to find his suspect, when a familiar voice calls his attention.

"Doctor, do you know where Dr. Yang is?" Han Soojin asks the man in a white coat and face mask that hides his face.

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