"Are you alright, Mrs. Yong?" The detective asks, raising his brow slightly above the other.

"My wife is very close to Yejoon. He's like a son to her." Mr. Park answers the investigator. 

The fierce look from the new patriarch is like a sharp knife ready to slice the investigator open. But Detective Lee didn't mind the threatening stare. He was guilty of ogling at the wife of the man.

"I'm sorry for your loss." Detective Lee Sungmin leans his head forward to pay his respect for the dead.

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"Will you excuse us, Detective. I need to take my wife to our room." The woman's husband guides the matriarch back to the hall where they came from. 

Footsteps can be heard climbing up and reaching the ceiling of the house. The detective assumed the stairs are behind the hall and In-Su's parents won't be back soon to answer his concerns.

"Do you mind if I question you without your parents?" Detective Lee asks the young tall man who appears to be dumbfounded by the way his mother reacted. 

"No, please sit down." In-Su nods his head and points the detective at the couch.

Detective Lee squats down the soft linen upholstery that boasts not only comfort but luxury. Compared to the old rusty house of the victim, the detective finds himself wondering if Mr. Lee Yejoon's death is all about money.

"When did you last see Mr. Lee Yejoon?" The investigator asks, scrambling to get the items on his coat.

He took a square palm-size notepad from the pocket of his jacket and a pen then prepared himself to take notes of Mr. Yong's testimony.

"Three days ago at work. We both have a night shift from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m., sir," In-Su answers, peeking at the notes that the investigator writes on the paper.

"Did anyone see you at work?" The investigator inquires again.

"Yes. The head nurse, Mang JeolMin. She's the one who assigns us to doctors." The young man explains.

"Does your friend have any enemies? Anyone he fought with last month or this week?" Detective Lee raises a question.

He wants to know if the two of them had a fight together that ended up with In-Su killing his best friend.

"Yejoon has no enemies. He's friendly to everyone." The best friend replies, his eyes start to moisten saying the murdered man's name.

'Is this an act?' The investigator is bewildered by the sentiment the man is expressing for the deceased.

"Was Mr. Lee very friendly to a specific person?" The investigator insists to ask questions about Lee Yejoon's personal life.

"You mean if he has a girlfriend?" The best raises his brows and raises his chin to think of any particular girls his best friend has shown special attention to.

"Yes." Detective Lee answers.

"He's friendly with girls but he never courts them." In-Su pouts his lips.

In-Su knows a particular person with whom his best friend has been intimate with but after a rumor begins to spread at the hospital, Yejoon starts to avoid the woman.

The detective stares at the young man's eyes and wonders if he's truly acting sad.

"What about your mother? Is she close to Mr. Lee?" The detective inquires about the beautiful matriarch.

From what Ghost gathered from the therapist, Mrs. Yong is having an affair with Mr. Lee. An easy angle of an angry best friend murdering his mother's lover for betrayal and analyzing how rich the family is, detective Sungmin can assume there is money involved as well.

"Yejoon's therapist asked me about my mother too?" Mr. Lee's pal asks, creasing his forehead.

'The therapist asked???' Sungmin exclaims to himself and shrugs his head.

Learning that the therapist asks details about Yejoon's personal life makes him wonder why the woman is tailing them.

"Is that a Dodge Challenger outside?" Detective Lee asks, turning his head quickly to point at the black beautiful vehicle parked in front of the house. "Can I see it?"

"Sure!" Mr. Yong gladly agrees.

In-Su is impressed to learn that the detective easily recognizes the vehicle. Most people would guess it as a Mustang, a common sports car but real enthusiasts will notice the difference.

"Do you like sports cars?" The investigator asks while they walk back to the parked car in front of the house.

"Yes. My father loves cars too. He brought me this one before he died." The young nurse explains setting his palm on top of the car's front bumper.

"When did your father die?" Detective In-Su inquires, examining every inch of the car.

"Three years ago, before my mother married Mr. Park," In-Su confesses, telling the details of his family to the detective. 

He doesn't like his stepfather but her mother married him knowing his detest towards one of the employees of the hospital. His mother is one of the shareholders and her new husband is below her status.

Detective Lee walks toward the driver's side and examines the door then goes to the rear and probes at the red stain near the keyhole of the car's hood.

"Does anyone use your car other than you, Mr. Yong?" The investigator peers down to examine the red stain. He wants to be certain of the blood that he sees on the hood of the car.

"No, I don't even let Yejoon use it," In-Su says, expressing regret that he didn't give his best friend a chance to drive his car.

"Can I take a look inside the hood?" Detective Lee Sungmin requests, smiling at the nurse to not make him feel threatened.

"Sure." Mr. Yong takes his car keys out of his back pocket and opens the hood.

The trunk is empty and dark, the only thing the detective can find is a metal bat. He takes a piece of the surgical glove from his pocket that he often carries and reaches for the item to see it better in the light. Immediately, he sees the red stains that cover half of the surface on the upper half of the bat.

"Mr. Lee Yejoon was hit by a blunt weapon in the head before he was dumped on the sea," Detective Lee reacts, implying that the bat may be the one used to kill the victim.

"What???" In-Su's eyes widen.

"You need to come with me to the police station Mr. Yong In-Su," The investigator instructs the young nurse calmly.

"NO!!! I-I… I-I… I didn't do anything wrong!!! I didn't kill Yejoon!!!" The young man shouts, stuttering his words.

His body suddenly quivers from his throbbing heart and quick pulses. His mouth gapes learning from the detective that the weapon is in his car all this time.

Yong In-Su hurriedly opens the door of the car and sits at the driver's side. He starts the vehicle before closing the door tight to stop Detective Sungmin from arresting him. The car quickly smashes through the wooden gate, breaking the door into four pieces. It didn't slow down In-Su from steering away. He veers the vehicle away from the narrow street and goes to the main road with his fast speed.

The investigator calls the police station to ask for help and to follow the black vehicle moving towards the freeway while striding hastily towards his car parked at the side of the road. They need to stop the suspect before he rams other cars and hits a bystander on the road.

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